A new and smarter way to recruit

Launching today, from an Australian HR Tech Startup, is VideoMyJob – an app set to transform the way we connect, engage and attract jobseekers.

Adopted by industry leaders, including GE, BUPA and international recruitment agency Chandler Macleod, VideoMyJob technology is enabling companies to better engage jobseekers with video job advertising.

Designed to make branded video job ads using your smartphone, users can record a video job ad, edit and share to social media and job boards in minutes. It’s that easy.

Founder of VideoMyJob, David Macciocca says, “The excitement about the technology in Australia and the US has been incredible. It’s the first time a tool has made it simple and accessible for everyone to present branded job ads using video”.

In the biggest revolution to job advertising since jobs went online, VideoMyJob cuts through the staid landscape and really grabs the attention of jobseekers.
It’s a more powerful way to promote employment brands and a more efficient way to attract better candidates and ultimately, fill jobs faster.

According to David “We set out to create a video platform to truly engage, inform and inspire jobseekers, but we also recognise that ROI is important. Our experience shows that the time it takes to find and hire the ‘right’ person has significantly improved.”

David says “It’s our vision to make it easy for every hiring manager, HR or recruitment consultant to create engaging video job ads that will bring jobs to life.”

About VideoMyJob

VideoMyJob is an Australian HR Technology Startup passionate about creating compelling video content to engage jobseekers. Led by a group of dedicated recruitment, IT and marketing professionals our vision is to revolutionise the talent acquisition process - one video at a time.

For further information, images and interviews please contact:
Leanne McCormack, Marketing Director - VideoMyJob
Email: leanne@videomyjob.com
Phone: +61 411 734 023

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