In Conversation with ATC 2016 Speakers

The ATC 2016 conference was an amazing and informed perspective into the future of talent acquisition strategies for a volitile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

There were more than 20 insightful speakers at the event and we were lucky enough to conduct some speaker interviews to share with you.

The following interview wrap up piece was published today by the ATC. Enjoy!

If you were not at the recently concluded 10th Australasian Talent Conference (#ATC2016), you have missed what must have been one of the best editions of the conference. Over the course of the event, some of the brightest minds in the industry came together to share their wisdom and thoughts on managing talent in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business environment. It was a terrific two days full of interesting conversations, innovative ideas and solutions.

For those of you who were unable to be with us at the conference, don’t fret – we have worked together with VideoMyJob to create a series of interviews with our conference speakers to provide you a snapshot of their presentations. As for those who were present, here’s a chance for you to recap some of the key discussions and see how you can apply them onto your recruitment/talent management function.

Just a heads up – watch out for the video bombs!!

Dr. Ian Williamson, Associate Dean International Relations at Melbourne Business School Ian discussed the ways that employees respond to the VUCA climate and how they can benefit from what the future brings. He elaborated further by discussing how change can create growth and why all individuals should embrace change and innovation to create further opportunities.

Ambrosia Vertesi, VP People Duo Security & Co-Founder HR Open Source (#HROS) Ambrosia discussed the growing influence of the online sharing community and how it can help HR and recruitment progress. She further explored the idea around the “open source” concept, where information and knowledge are shared freely. This ideology is adopted from engineering, where engineers share all of the available code online so that everyone can learn and work together to take the industry to the next level.

Chris Blake, Executive Manager, Corporate Affairs & People at Australia Post Chris shared the story of a rollercoaster ride that Australia Post has been on during the past few decades, and how the organisation have managed to transform their business to stay alive in a VUCA business world. He also explained how Australia Post keeps their employees engaged through a policy of honesty and authenticity and how this enabled the organisation to strengthen its employer brand.

Dr. Amantha Imber, Founder of Inventium Amantha discussed the importance of identifying frustration and for leaders to look at it as an innovation opportunity rather than a, well, frustration. She also spoke about embracing failure and explained how it can be a key driver for leaders to become more effective and innovative.

Simone O’Brien, Motivational Speaker & Domestic Violence Survivor The inspirational Simone O’Brien was at ATC2016 to discuss the issues surrounding domestic violence, and how the workplace can play an important role in stopping this. She also spoke about the issue of embarrassment and encourage victims to not be afraid, be brave and step forward to confront it.

Jamie Simon, Head of Enterprise & Government at Seek Jamie shared his thoughts on candidate experience and how it can help organisations to enhance their recruitment strategies. He also emphasised the importance of candidate segmentation and the need to understanding personal drivers/motivations in order to become more efficient in hiring.

Trevor Vas, Conference Director at ATC Events Trevor spoke about managing talent in a VUCA business world and provided an insight into how the theme of the conference came about. He further shared what he felt about the future of HR & recruitment technologies and how the role of the hiring manager will change as we progress forward in today’s digital world.

Kevin Wheeler, Director and Founder of the Future of Talent Institute Kevin provided a quick summary of his future forecast in the talent management industry and shared his views on the increasing use of analytics and automated engagement tools. He also gave his take on what will the best recruiters of 2017 be doing.

So there you go, we hope you’ve enjoyed the videos and managed to gain some key insights into what was discussed and shared during the ATC2016.

Nicole Mustedanagic

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