Your next great hire is not looking for a job


Every company wants the best talent but the problem is the best aren’t looking for a job.

If they really are the best on the market, why would they be looking?
They’re already in a great role and are providing value to their company, awaiting their next promotion or opportunity.

Opportunities missed

To reach this talent is a great challenge for recruiters and the way we use our traditional recruitment channels means we are missing a huge opportunity to engage the workforce we actually want.
By posting standard text ads to job boards we are really just casting a single line into the ocean in hope of catching the biggest fish in the sea.

Of the potential candidates that do happen upon our ads, they are reading them for less than 50 seconds according to eye-tracking research from TheLadders. And that’s for active job seekers, let alone passive candidates who for the most part don’t have the time or interest for traditional job ads.

The good news is over 75 per cent of the workforce is open to hearing about new opportunities, which means if you can reach them organically with content they’re interested in, you might at very least get them thinking.

Using video to get on the front foot

An easy way to start breaking down the engagement barriers with top passive talent is to start including video in your recruitment efforts.
Videos like this
can offer great insight into your company’s culture and values and support the great story that your employment brand is already telling.
By providing richer information about the role and even showcasing the workplace at the same time, video can help you deliver a far more personalised and engaging interaction with talent.

Videos are also far more likely to reach passive candidates.
On LinkedIn alone, videos enjoy 100 per cent greater engagement and a 75 per cent higher share rate than content without video. This helps the video to circulate organically through the news feeds of top talent you would otherwise struggle to reach.

As recruitment methods have become more aligned with consumer marketing tactics, it makes sense to follow the strategies of successful brands.
These brands actively reach their audience by sharing meaningful and engaging content, rather than posting static ads and just waiting for people to come to them.

Why not try the same with your recruitment process?


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Nicole Mustedanagic

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