October 08, 2018

Roland Youakim tells us how he has successfully built a video marketing strategy to launch his young recruiting agency Platinum People Group, who took out the Young Leaders in Finance award for ‘Recruiter of the Year’ in 2018. It’s amazing recognition for such a new business and validates Roland’s holistic and innovative approach to networking, leadership and giving back to the community.  

How do you approach video production at Platinum People Group?

We often try to do our filming in chunks. I try and do 5-8 videos within one sitting. We have a clear strategy on what each video is going to bewe confirm appointments with the people who are going to be involved in those videos.

If it’s a testimonial video we like to keep it short and sweet. If it’s an interview with an industry leader, they can be 3-4 minutes long. We also find that it doesn’t take long to go through the editing process. It’s all on the app! It’s super quick and easy, probably maximum 10 minutes for editing most videos.

What kind of videos are you producing?

I actually don’t use VideoMyJob much for job vacancies. I tend to use it as a branding play on social media. Our target audience is Millennials and Gen Y and from our research we’ve found that video is a great way to target younger people.

So that has been a key part of our branding exercise to get our brand out there. I might have a great personal brand, but it’s about launching the company brand in the market. That approach has been really successful for us.

 We do a lot of customer testimonials, with       candidates we have placed in jobs or with clients,   so that our candidates and future clients can get a   real life example as to what the journey can be like   going through a recruiter, as it can be quite a   daunting experience for some people.

 We also do some interviews with high profile and   successful business owners within our industry. 


We think these types of videos are really important and can actually help people better their career. We think it’s really valuable for viewers to find out how the GM of a really large company got to where they are, what their story was and how that can in turn inspire others’ success. 

What was your experience learning to use the app?

We found the team at VideoMyJob incredibly supportive. Our Customer Success Manager Mitch has been really great, giving me ideas on how I can best create videos, edit them and continue to get engagement. 

What success have you seen as a result of your video strategy?

We’ve found that using video as part of our social strategy has been vital and a key ingredient in engaging our candidates and clients within the industry. It can be very hard to post a written article on LinkedIn and get the same level of engagement that you get with video.

The feedback we’ve received from our peers in the industry is, it’s fun! It’s a way that people can actually engage with us. And we’ve been getting a lot of phone calls from people in the industry that know us well, who are saying ‘keep it up’ and ‘we love the type of content you are sharing!’. 

We’re also getting a lot of referrals from people who are seeing the videos. So it’s been incredibly successful for us.

Have you got any advice for other agencies your size, looking to implement VideoMyJob?

It’s very important for us to ensure we have a return on investment. It’s also important for us to invest in the growth of our business and our brand. So we’ve looked at this, regardless of if we had generated candidates or clients, as a really important part of our branding strategy.

We launched in October and advertised on LinkedIn and then placed a candidate for a particular position in December - all from a video referral. So we’ve spent to date around $2,500-$3,000, but we’ve made a placement which was a $12,000 fee. VideoMyJob really pays for itself.

Putting the return on investment aside, there’s a much greater value that we see at Platinum People Group, which is using video to actually get your brand out there and more importantly give back to your industry and help them get ahead.

Roland Youakim has been guiding businesses within the mortgage broking, aggregation, financial planning and retail and third party banking sectors since 2010. It is Roland’s passion to build creative recruitment strategies and efficient processes that deliver better candidates in less time. After 6 years successfully working for other corporations, Roland created Platinum People Group to help SME businesses get ahead.

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