February 28, 2019

Trim just got more powerful, with several nifty new tweaks to give you greater accuracy and an improved user experience. PLUS the web interface is getting a make-over, get a sneak peek of the sleeker, faster and easier to use dashboard.


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At a glance

  • Trim Zoom - double tap for a closer look
  • Trim Handles - finer lines and chunkier handles 
  • Audio Track - enlarged audio waveform for a more accurate trim
  • Performance Improvements - faster timeline loading

Pimp my trim

Some days we're all thumbs, if you're not an Xbox champion the action of trimming might be a Trim your videoschallenge. Not anymore.

We've pimped the trim feature to give you the most accurate trim, no matter how nimble your fingers are!

Trim Zoom—we’ve added a double tap function to the trim feature. Just tap-tap to zoom-in for a for a closer look, you can also flip your screen orientation to landscape.

Trim Handles —we’ve refined the line but beefed up the trim handles to help you select the exact moment to trim.  

Audio Track —the audio waveform is now larger and easier to use to guide your trim.

The new web interface ... coming soon

Visual and UX improvements to the web interface are in Beta testing, expect to see this live sometime in March.

Here’s a sneak preview of what to expect:

HubSpot Video

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