March 05, 2019

One of the harsh realities of high-volume recruitment is building candidate shortlists under time pressure. If you’re a recruiter battling this—I’m here to tell you that there is a way to reduce the number of inbound calls you are receiving so that you can concentrate on creating awesome shortlists! A way that doesn’t involve picking up the phone and dialling each individual job seeker (or rejecting incoming calls by the dozen).

All it takes is half an hour set aside, your smartphone camera and a desire to be part of the video revolution that is happening in the workplace right now!

1. Application process updates 📝

Some research claims that up to 52% of job applicants feel they are not treated as individuals and 58% don't feel informed about their own application.

By using video, you have the power to improve the candidate experience and add value and efficiency to your own recruitment process. 

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Here’s how you do it:

It only takes one 60 second video to update your candidate pool and let them know that their application is being reviewed, and the date that they can expect an outcome.

A personal video message from you reassures the candidate that their application (which has taken them valuable time to create) hasn’t been lost in a digital black hole.

You can even SMS or email the video straight from the app to your candidates.

Check out the example video that we created here.


2. Interview invitations 📩

Why not replace your boring email interview invitation with video? Show your candidates where to announce themselves, include some B-roll of the interview panel and let them know if they need to complete any assessment tasks.

Head off those plaintive last minute texts, emails and phone calls by reassuring your applicants with visual (easier to recall) info that will reassure them and result in a more relaxed and enjoyable interview.

Check out the video invitation we created to invite a candidate across for their first interview here.


Here’s how you do it:

Warmly welcome your interviewees and show them where they are coming, you can include workplace images and any helpful directions.

Empower your candidates, give them the heads up on what to wear, who they will be meeting and what sort of questions they can expect.

Wistia says that videos up to 2 minutes get tons of engagement, so make it short and sweet.


Here’s why you should try it:

A video sent via text or email creates a human connection which helps you to build your candidate-recruiter relationship (a video from you shreds on an auto email response!)

Adding a video to your emails can increase click rates by 300% (HubSpot)

Remember even if they’re not right for this role, they could be awesome for your next job, so building relationships with your talent pool makes sense! You can even use video to provide feedback on candidate interviews.

This is also a great investment in your own personal brand, do you want to be known for your personal service and ability to go the extra mile? Delight your candidates with video!

Find more great ideas for embedding video in your workflow in our latest white paper

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