March 21, 2018

We recently interviewed Managing Director Erin Devlin of people2people about her experience and observations introducing video job advertising at her recruitment agency.

Erin’s key take aways

Video job ads have resulted in better engagement with quality candidates, and increased reach on social media. Candidates these days expect to have the kind of engagement that video provides. Once you start to see the results from using video - it's very easy to get your people engaged.

How are people2people using video throughout the recruitment workflow?

The majority of videos we create are advertising for a particular role, but we also use video to brief candidates and for candidate reverse marketing type work such as providing details about a candidate confidentially to a client.

We also use video to create informative and personalised content at different stages of the recruitment process. 

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Do you have any advice for agencies considering a video strategy?

There are a lot of reasons to get involved. At people2people we have found video has had better engagement with candidates, and quality candidates as well. We are not necessarily looking for volume when we are advertising for a job, we are looking for quality.

It provides a great experience for the candidate as well, so they're getting insights and information about the role before they even speak to you. It means they have a very consistent experience from the minute they engage with you right through to when they interview with your clients and beyond that.

We have picked up work directly from our videos and we also use it as a communication tool. We are reducing time to hire and reducing the duplication that can sometimes happen when you converse on the phone.

We love that we can simply send someone a link to a video which is much more personal than sending an email.

 What are some of the challenges you encountered implementing VideoMyJob?

The initial challenges for businesses to implement video is getting engagement across the experienced recruitment consultants in your team. It can be daunting to be on video for the first time.

We've found the best way is to recommend a baseline level of engagement to the team. Get them using it, get them to see what the benefits are and once they see the results from using video - it's very easy to get them engaged.

Do you spend money on social to boost your videos?

At people2people the platforms we are using to post our videos are typically job boards as well as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. As well as sending the link privately via email or through our internal systems. We have boosted some of our videos through VideoMyJob and what we've seen is a huge increase in the level of engagement. There are certain keywords that we're now ranking number one for on YouTube, simply by boosting our videos. Ultimately, it has created lots of traction for us as a brand. 

Can you share some of your video results?

Since we've been using VideoMyJob, on YouTube alone we have had just under 300,000 views.  We've posted about 1,110 videos to YouTube. So if you multiply that by other platforms which have embedded video, there has certainly been a lot of views!

 Is video the future of recruitment?

As far as video and the recruitment industry moving forward, I think it is going to be the norm for recruitment agencies to use video. Forget the traditional platforms, we predict the future will see candidates expecting to have the kind of engagement that video provides. It's truly the way of the future.

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