August 07, 2018

If you are having difficulty getting new appointments to stick around, you might need to shake up your onboarding. Onboarding is like a first date - you need to nail it if you want to have a relationship with them in the future!

So, we know that video is an effective tool for improving the response rate of digital advertising - but did you know it also triggers emotional engagement and empathy? Imagine starting every new employee’s journey with a personalised onboarding video message (if you outsource video production your Finance Manager probably just fainted!)

With VideoMyJob the cost of creating an effective, personal welcome video is now within easy reach. If you’re part of a talent acquisition team, you’re well aware of the importance of onboarding in the recruitment process. Smarter onboarding leads to higher retention rates, better job performance, improved job satisfaction and increased productivity.



Josh Bersin of Deloitte conservatively estimates that the cost of losing an employee can range from tens of thousands of dollars to 1.5–2.0x the employee’s annual salary. With those stats, why wouldn’t you be doing everything you can to ensure a robust and welcoming onboarding for all of your employees?

So how smart is your onboarding material and process? Read on to find out how video can strengthen new employee engagement. 

Onboarding with video, what are the benefits?

The generation brought up on YouTube and short-form content now represents the largest demographic in the workforce. So what does that say for human resource managers looking to improve onboarding communications? We need to look beyond the traditional forms of communication and start introducing practices that will engage this new workforce. Video offers many benefits as an onboarding communication tool:

  1. Builds trust, creates recognition of key stakeholders and culture awareness before your new hire even starts.
  2. Video content can be consumed on-the-go and success can be measured with video views and abandonment rates.
  3. Helps a new hire get up to speed with products and systems using video for ‘live’ demonstrations.
  4. Visual demonstrations can be more illuminating and easier to follow than a long document of screenshots and explanations.

Building an effective onboarding process can only benefit your organisation by supporting the success of your new hires. We’ve put together some onboarding video ideas for you and your team to explore. 

Welcome to the Team

All new hires are apprehensive about their first day, so why not reach out before they start and help them feel right at home. Quell anxiety by introducing the team, giving them a tour of the office, where you get coffee in the morning, sharing your tips for parking or public transport and even showing them their new workstation.

It’s equally important to introduce new hires to your team and the wider organisation. Why not make a habit of interviewing new team members on day 1 and update that boring all-office announcement email with a video that helps everyone put a face to the new name and allows your new recruit to introduce themselves in their own words.


Most companies carry out exit interviews and handovers to ensure a smooth transition and good business continuity. Why not create a video series in which the new hire’s predecessor is able to lay out everything they know about the role?


Induction and Training

The quality of your training material has a huge impact on employee performance. Replacing or augmenting your training manuals with instructional videos will reap rewards. Video training can help to alleviate information overload and increase retention for your visual learners, plus video is easy to watch in the future and on the job for a quick memory refresh.

Employees are already comfortable using video to communicate outside the workplace, they want the same tools within the workplace. They don’t want to learn about company policies through a 10-page document. They want to watch a video instead.

Company Values

It can be difficult for new hires to truly engage with a company’s vision, and find a meaningful connection with their daily duties. Video, and in particular, employee generated content, can help portray what it’s actually like to work for the company and how employees connect with your company’s values. Using video adds a human element to the corporate values and creatively demonstrates the way your team ‘live’ your company values in everyday situations.

For more inspiration 🎦 take a look at VideoMyJob's playlist of sample onboarding videos. 

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