How Video Job Ads Can Build Your Personal Brand

For recruiters, personal brand is everything. It’s how you engage candidates, it’s how you sell your roles and it’s how you develop relationships that ultimately lead to placements. The challenge is being able to cut through to candidates and demonstrate that you are a person they should listen to and trust. This can be very difficult to do in writing, which is why the best recruiters are turning to video.

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Engaging Jobseekers With Video Job Ads

Agency recruiters, in-house HR recruiters and hiring managers all want to attract amazing people to their business. In a competitive job market, the tag 'recruitment is marketing' rings true as being one of the keys to a successful recruitment campaign that will ensure you attract the right talent.

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How Video is Changing The Recruitment World

Job ads need a shakeup. Typically, online job ads have hardly changed since they were first launched in the 90s and they’re starting to wear thin on job seekers.

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