October 31, 2019

If you were to gather a starting five to help you build, engage and retain audiences, these experts would be lapping courts and slam dunking within seconds.   

This recap of recent #TheFocus episodes is like a private ‘how to succeed with video’ session with the ultimate consultancy team.

We have a famous podcaster, award-winning author, recruitment agency owner, search expert and a social media whizz, with plenty of tips and strategies to help you nail your recruitment marketing.

So grab yourself a cuppa and take 30 minutes to catch up on the episode that speaks to you the most. Or better yet, fill up the whole teapot and settle in for a binge of the best video tech in recruitment chat.

The Focus | Episode 10

Guest: Matt Alder, acclaimed author, speaker, futurologist, and host of The Recruiting Future Podcast

Topic: Building an Audience

If you want to understand the rapid digital transformation of the HR and recruiting sectors then Matt Alder is your go-to guy. As the host of the HR and recruiting sector's most listened to podcast, we asked Matt how to build an audience from scratch and how to keep their attention.

‘’From a strategy perspective it comes down to knowing your audience, where they are, what they want, how they consumer content and what's going to get their attention. There's this assumption that if you put out some great content, it goes viral and suddenly you've built this amazing loyal audience really quickly and that's not the case.’’

‘’My audience has grown organically and through word of mouth over 4 and a half years and my guess is that most employers don't have 4 and a half years to build an audience so you have to get rid of the viral myth and focus on how you market your videos. There's an ever evolving mix of ways to get your content out there, your website is an obvious choice but consider putting effort into YouTube and social media video ads.’’

The Focus | Episode 11

Guest: Katrina Collier,  author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter and founder of DisruptHR

Topic:  Recruiters on Film

Katrina Collier inspires talent professionals to change their mindset and be more human in order to drastically improve candidate engagement. As someone who is no newbie to video creation, Katrina offers us her non-negotiable practices on filming days and what’s behind the name of her newest book, The Robot-Proof Recruiter. 

‘’I always make sure I'm feeling refreshed, have a couple of coffees in me and then I physically jump up and down before I sit to film. I then imagine I'm delivering to the ceiling and not just dead air. I'd also never do too many takes, if you're finding it difficult, leave it and come back to it.’’

‘’Robot-proof to me means that you stop putting the technology between yourself and the candidate, so you actually talk to them and treat them like a human being. Even if you get an email from someone who has no skills for a specific job, remember there's still a human being behind that application so treat them like one.’’

The Focus | Episode 12

Guest: Mark Hopkins, Thomas Lee Recruitment  

Topic: Content Marketing for Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agency owner and long time video content producer, Mark Hopkins, chats about his definition of content marketing, why he hates gated content and getting people to come back and engage time and time again.

‘’Content Marketing I define as everything that's positive you can say about yourself, about your business and about what you do. But the important bit is it not only needs to be engaging, it needs to be educational and inform people of something. It needs to be valuable.’’

‘’If you have content to share, share it freely, because that's where you can capture an audience. If you want to talk about click funnels and all that type of stuff, you can create a virtual funnel from people becoming followers. Instead of demanding details up front, you can build enough interest overtime that people actually message you to start a more meaningful conversation.’’

The Focus | Episode 13

Guest: Janine Owen, Marketing Director of Search Consultancy 

Topic: How Search Consultancy are Winning with Video

Janine Owen is a marketing and corporate communications expert with experience directing successful strategies for recruitment agencies. She has 9 years of Search Consultancy success secrets to share, including how they got started with video and the proven impact for clients adopting the format.

‘’We soon realised with video that it was going to be a bigger opportunity than perhaps we had initially anticipated. We started using an external provider for videos specific to clients and they were loving it. As the requests were flooding in we decided to bring out production in-house, using video to support all of the projects and campaigns that we were running.’’

‘’We know in recruitment that nothing is 100% proactive you have to be able to jump every now and then so having someone responsible for video in-house helps us build a better online presence and service our clients. We find that the client sites that we build that have video, get much more engagement that the ones without and that's been proven time and time again.’’

The Focus | Episode 14

Guest: Christina Robinson, Managing Director of Green Umbrella Marketing

Topic: How Recruiters Can Get Comfortable on Camera

As the MD of Green Umbrella Marketing, Christina Robinson educates owners and directors on how to best maximise their online marketing activities. Very familiar with getting shy recruiters comfortable on camera, Christina shares how she helps break down those barriers that get in the way and why a strong social media foundation can build a healthy talent pipeline.

‘’With the recruiters we work with I always say, it's okay to be nervous on video, but just continue to practice and film. The videos don't have to go out in public, they can just live on your camera roll, but every video you do, you will get more comfortable. I also suggest using post-it notes on their screen, to remind them of things they want to work on with their delivery.’’

‘’Social media alone is not a superhero, it's not going to get you all of the results you want but if you're using that to maximise everything else you do, then all of a sudden you have a really strong structure that is going to bring that candidate in for you. Whether it's agency side and you're looking short-term and just need a couple of people to fill those positions, or it's because you need 500 people in your funnel because you know that's what the turnover is going to be on the TA side of things, consistency with social media is key.’’

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