July 22, 2019

We’re excited to announce our new web series The Focus: Video Tech in Recruitment & HR.  Each week we will talk about the hot topic of video in recruitment and HR with special guests at varying stages of video adoption (and resistance!)

We filmed our first show live from RecFest a couple of weeks ago, (watch here if you missed it) and this week my special guests from PIE Recruitment joined me for a great episode on preparing your organisation for video content deployment in recruitment, employer branding, candidate experience and onboarding.

The Focus | Episode 2


PIE Recruitment has a fantastic and growing archive of amazing video content, which truly represents the company brand and culture in the most authentic way.


Here are some of the topics we cover in this week's episode:

  • Introducing video to your recruitment organization (3:34)
  • Advice for beginners starting their video journey (10:22)
  • Setting-up for your journey of producing regular video content (11:48)
  • How to measure video success (17:42)
  • Video highlights so far (18:48)
  • The intended purpose of your video content (25:21)

Introducing video to your recruitment organization

Sarah and Jenna discuss why PIE saw a need for video, what it was like creating videos at the beginning and all about PIE’s philosophy when it comes to creating video content.

“When we started PIE as a business we obviously wanted to get in front of as many people as humanly possible. As a startup, we weren’t known in recruitment circles, but the video seemed to be the quickest and most effective way of getting our message to people as fast as possible. It started with putting PowerPoint presentations together and then just turning those into videos, so it was all very experimental but it was good fun and we very quickly moved on to doing live videos with people talking about the jobs that they're promoting using it to come to the events that kind of stuff so it really did grow fairly quickly and we haven't looked back” 

“Our philosophy at PIE when it comes to creating video content is very much in line with our strong brand ethos and our tone of voice which is all about being brassy, energetic, full of beans and we want that to come across in our videos. How can we stand out, do things differently and what can we do with video that is distinctively PIE, that sets us aside from everyone else?!” 


Advice for beginners starting their video journey

People are a little bit experienced with being on camera or filming videos outside of work, but when it comes to being in a professional video, one where you’re doing your job… striking the right tone as a recruiter can sometimes take a little bit of experimentation!

Sarah and Jenna give their advice to beginners jumping on video.

“I would think practice is really the only thing! Practice, practice, practice! Even if it’s recording a video on your phone for 5-10 minutes, just practice and see what you feel comfortable with. It will be a lot about lighting, angles, and clarity of your voice, script/no script… It’s about finding what works for you”

Setting-up for your journey of producing regular video content

Filming, editing and technical setup is key to creating great content.

Sarah and Jenna chat all things ‘setup’. Including different options for camera, tripods, lighting etc.

“If you can record a 4K video on your iPhone, it does mean that people literally have the tool kit in their pocket, but I would say that if you can have a good tripod with a light then that really helps to have a stable position where the camera is looking at you.”

How to measure video success

Measuring success is key! It’s important to know if a tool like video is, in fact, adding value to your recruitment process.

Jenna and Sarah cover:

  • Engagement levels across social media
  • Content shares (important touch point)
  • Getting the ROI!

The intended purpose of your content

Having a purpose for your content will more often than not determine whether you see success from your video. Sarah gives us the down-low on a couple of PIE’s first videos and what the purpose of the content was and how that was then later received.

"Our away day video… I just followed people around for the day with the GO PRO. For me, I think It’s a really nice snapshot of who we are, what we’re like as a team, what we’re like as individuals and it was really easy to film and edit. You can go away slice and dice, and produce something that’s clean and slick!”

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