August 01, 2019

This week on The Focus our topic was Strategic Employer Branding, and how video content can be a core part of your strategy with special guest Craig Fisher, Head of Recruitment Innovation at Allegis Global Solutions.

Last week I chatted with Monster's Global VP of Integrated Segment & Product Marketing Strategy, Alex Kevork, about the highly anticipated launch of Monster Studios in Europe and how video job ads (done right) create a better experience for job seekers.

The Focus | Episode 4

Guest: Craig Fisher, Head of Recruitment Innovation at Allegis Global Solutions

Allegis Global Solutions is a leader in global talent solutions. They support clients in more than 60 countries through regional hubs, matching great people with businesses seeking to optimize their permanent and contingent workforce.


Here are some of the topics we cover in this week's episode:

  • Defining Employer Branding (2:10)
  • Consistent Employer Branding across your organization (6:50)
  • Sharing your Employer Brand & connecting with candidates via video (8:20)
  • Encouraging, empowering & retaining employees (11:00)
  • Video on social media platforms (18:00)
  • Diversity & attracting diverse talent with video (19:00)
  • Working from home and being on video (25:20)
  • An Employer Branding tool in your pocket (27:10)
  • Videos of the week (28:40) 
  • Tech tips (40:25)

Defining Employer Branding

“Employer branding is too broad of a thing, so if you ask me I think it needs to be broken down into activities and one of those is going to be EVP or the value proposition that the employer brings to the employee! And I believe that this needs to be authentic! So when you think about video and employer branding, one of the best ways to get at that authentic value proposition is to interview employees of the organization within teams.”

“I think and a company's culture is made up of several microcultures. I think your view of an organization is kind of boxed in to your team right and so by interviewing people within those teams and you doing it on video, asking them ‘what do you bring to the team’, ‘how do you add value to your teammates’... you get them fired up about  talking about what their value is. So t's the employee's value. I think that makes the employer value proposition overall and then when you get all those team videos you can segment them and market them specifically out to people who might be good for that team”

- Craig

Consistent Employer Branding across your organization

“What you have to strive for is a few required norms yeah, so we're going to sell this job as it is versus as we'd like it to be so that our retention doesn't plummet. Once people get on board and realize what the real job is - that should be one of the things that is consistent across the board and if you can get a few things like that then you can get kind of a holistic purpose for the organization.”

- Craig

The power of video to connect

“When you get that video from the new office in Prague or you know, wherever, it's exciting, it's fun and you feel connected to it and it takes you a little out of your boxed-in view of your teammates or your manager. And so you want to feel that connection, because clearly sometimes you're going to be on calls with these global teams and what you see on those calls is what you and I are seeing right now and that’s about it and so show me the office! Show me lunchtime! Show me some activities after work, and show me your desk you know, show me some cool things that would put me in that office and that makes it a cool experience for internal employees!”

- Craig


“The reality is, if you’re transparent and if you’re showing what work is actually like at that organization, people are going to be getting a true picture of what they’re actually going to be doing ... what their job is, and then you find that because they weren’t sold a bill of goods that didn’t live up to expectations, retention goes way up! If you know what you’re getting into going in and you can even self-select out, before you get in there, because of what you’ve seen … then you’re much more likely to stay because that brand promise is there.” 

“Video helps you be transparent by showing your micro-cultures, your regional cultures, and those cool benefits. What we used to do was ‘hey take a picture of this and post to Instagram’, what we’re now saying is ‘take a video and post to Instagram’ because it’s so easy!”

- Craig

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