August 09, 2019

This week on The Focus our topic was ‘cutting through the noise’ with video and how to demonstrate your expertise to your chosen audience with special guest Wendy McDougall, CEO and Founder of Firefish Software.

Last week I chatted with Craig Fisher, Head of Recruitment Innovation at Allegis Global Solutions about Strategic Employer Branding and how video content can be a core part of your strategy.

The Focus | Episode 5

Guest: Wendy Mcdougall, CEO & Founder of Firefish Software

Firefish Software is a recruitment and marketing platform that helps recruiters reach, engage and recruit top candidates before their competitors. Voted Best Recruitment CRM by real users for the second time at the Recruitment International Supplier Awards 2018 and 2019.

Here are some of the topics we cover in this week's episode:

  • The background of Firefish Recruitment Software (1:20)
  • Risks & benefits of exposing yourself and your company on video (6:00)
  • Why did Firefish start using video? (9:30)
  • Bringing value to customers with video (13:20)
  • Building consistent branded content (17:00)
  • Firefish’s video content strategy (18:45)
  • Videos of the week (24:30)
  • Humanizing the recruitment process (31:00)
  • Top tips from Wendy (33:00)

Amplifying your brand with video

I just wanted transparency throughout the business. I was quite happy just to say ‘hey this is who we are and this is our brand’ so I don't look at video in that way, I look at is there a way of saying we're confident in what we do, this the type of customers that we are really good at helping and this is who we want to do business with ... and video has been a great way to amplify that brand, just as all the other things we do! So it's just from that perspective it was a bit of a no-brainer in terms of amplification of who you are!

- Wendy

Creating content that adds value and builds your business

“Everything from the very start is to add value to people and if you help somebody out, they're going to remember you! And that comes back to your brand value, you know gone are the days where you can just flog yourself or in front of them or flog your recruitment agency in front of them because effectively it's not gonna stick. So, you're right we have the content meeting, we're thinking about the different audiences that we're trying to reach and what's going to be valuable to them and then building the strategy around that every month” 

“That’s the biggest takeaway for me. If it works, build it into your business and it just becomes business as usual. If you don’t do that, it becomes a theme - you adopt it for a few months and then it’s off!” 

“Anything that allows us to you know see into that company, and how they do things ... that's going to amplify and win friends! Also that's really where I think the recruitment industry and what you guys are doing can really help to not only amplify your own brand but also help to amplify clients brands.”

- Wendy

Humanizing your brand

“We can often find recruiters hiding behind the tech, hiding behind emails and messaging and LinkedIn and so on ... but increasingly candidates are researching! They want to speak with the company or the recruitment agency, they want to speak with humans! They want to get that interaction and that engagement.”

- Stephen

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