August 19, 2019

Last week on The Focus our topic was ‘cutting through the noise’ with video and how to demonstrate your expertise with special guest Wendy McDougall of Firefish Software.

This week, the focus of our discussion is storytelling and employer branding with video. My special guest this week is Crystal Miller Lay, CEO and Founding Employer Brand Strategist of Branded Strategies.

The Focus | Episode 6

Guest: Crystal Miller Lay, Chief Strategy Officer of Branded Strategies

Branded Strategies is a digital advertising firm focused on social, talent attraction and workforce marketing. They specialize in digital, promotion, recruitment and relationship marketing; providing strategy development, branded content, research, and analytics capabilities.

Here are some of the topics we cover in this week's episode:

  • Storytelling from an employer branding perspective (2:30)
  • Crafting a story with video, with storytelling examples for employers (6:18)
  • Creating authentic videos & the importance of hearing stories from all levels of the organization 
  • How Branded Strategies build a campaign (14:50)
  • How stories actually build the brand of an organization (19:00)
  • Diversity and inclusion (27:00)
  • ROI and storytelling (29:15)
  • Videos of the week (31:00)


The idea is to write and cast your story in such a way that you have a relatable hero. So for an employee that would be someone that looks and feels much like themselves.”

“So when someone looks and says ‘we don’t have any stories at all’ this tells me they haven’t spoken to their employees yet. So when you talk to your employee, the kind of stories that you'd want to be able to deliver would be things like what is a typical day look like for you or why did you join? What's the value of the products and services we bring?” 

- Crystal

Everyone who works in an organization has not only a story but a whole series of stories. And everyone your organization touches - your customers, your suppliers, these are the stories that help to illustrate the inside picture of your organization.” 

- Stephen 

Stories absolutely build brands … it's because they were able to see themselves in that video … and it wasn't just saying we believe in diversity inclusion, we're an environment that fosters everything because they don't hear it, they want to see it!” 

- Crystal

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