Making your best Video Job Ads: Part 2 – Technical Setup

Technical Setup Welcome back to our three part series blog ‘Making your best Video Job Ads’, this time we are going to cover all of your options and ideals when it comes to your set up for filming great video job ads.

Last week’s blog was a guide to structuring great content. This instalment will help make your videos look and sound great, by focussing on 3 key elements: camera, sound and lighting. If you can get these things right, it will give your video a professional edge.


VideoMyJob is designed to easily record your video using your smartphone. The HD camera in most smartphones produces great quality video and the teleprompter in our app works well on your phone camera.

We highly recommend using a tripod to keep your footage still and your camera at eye level, and always turn your phone sideways to avoid black bars either side of your video. When filming with your smartphone, it’s best to switch it onto Airplane mode to avoid alerts coming through in the middle of your video.


Lighting is an important consideration when filming your video to make sure you look great, and your video looks professional.

Before you begin, consider your background. Make sure it is not distracting, messy or loud. A clean spacious room filled with natural light is always a great option - just be mindful of not having the light streaming in directly behind you, or harsh lighting from above.

Additional lighting from directly in front of you is a great option. We recommend attaching an LED panel to your phone tripod to give your video a professional edge.


Sound is a major element to ensuring you create a professional video. The inbuilt mic on your smartphone produces good quality audio. For optimum sound, record your video in a closed quiet space, making sure background noise, like phones ringing or people talking are at a minimum.

If you’re filming outside or in a loud area, it’s best to use an external microphone that attaches to your phone to filter out background noise and to pick up your voice clearly.

The most engaging videos are made by people who are just being themselves.

Our next post in the ‘Making your best Video Job Ads’ series will be all about presenting on camera – how you can best present your content, environment and yourself to ensure your video job ads are the best they can be.

Thanks for reading and have fun creating your own video job ads!

Nicole Mustedanagic

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