Video Marketing for Talent Teams

Using Video-Led Internal Comms to Drive Employee Engagement

Video can be an invaluable tool for cutting through your team’s crowded inboxes. Shelley Stuart explains how DFP Recruitment used video to hack the employee experience.

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How to Create Content-Rich Learning & Development Programs

Just like snowflakes, no two employees are the same. Their preferred learning and development methods at work can range broadly from high touch mentoring and coaching to low touch curated content and self-paced courses.

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10 Video Script Templates for the Employee Journey

From the moment an employee sees your job ad and submits their application, to their first promotion and final day; the employee journey is the sum of all these experiences and everything in between.

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How to Create a Great Employee Onboarding Process (with Examples)

Just eight weeks ago, a global pandemic was the stuff of nightmares and Netflix. Today, it’s our daily reality and it’s fair to say that the pandemic response has well and truly disrupted the business of ‘work.’

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5 Ways to Help Newly Remote Workers Stay Connected

The freedom to work when and where you choose is a huge draw card for today’s workforce. But what happens when we don’t choose, and remote work is thrust upon us?

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Employer Branding in 2020: Ask the Experts

How will Employer Branding evolve in 2020?

It feels like the last few years have been a love parade of glittering tech floats, so many amazing shiny tools to choose from; chatbots, programmatic ads, video, augmented writing … what could possibly be next?

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Festive Video Ideas to Boost Employee Engagement

Most businesses have a mix of clock-watching minimum effort makers and enthusiastic workers who arrive at every staff event (social or otherwise) too early - on a scale of 1 to 10, how engaged are your employees in the lead up to holidays?

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Employer Branding Video Ideas for the Holiday Season

With so much chit-chat around the importance of developing a strong employer brand for 2020, we fear that some of you are suffering from analysis paralysis.

Fixating on strategy can cause you to get caught up in perfection, overlooking the value of authenticity and spontaneity.  

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Global Recruiting Survey Says Video is No Longer a 'Nice to Have'

57% of talent teams already have a video recruitment strategy. Of those, 95% plan to spend as much, or more, on video in the next 12 months. What does that tell you about the state of video in talent today?

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