Video Marketing for Talent Teams

The Focus: Video Tech in Recruitment & HR Ep.10 to 14

If you were to gather a starting five to help you build, engage and retain audiences, these experts would be lapping courts and slam dunking within seconds.   

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Is Your Applicant Tracking System Optimized For Video?

BIG shifts are happening in the world of work. Recruiters around the globe are realizing the benefits of using authentic, employee-created video throughout the hiring process.

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RecFest Australia 2019

The VideoMyJob crew had a ball at RecFest! It’s a unique event on the Australian scene and huge kudos must go to Andrea Kirby and the team at The Recruitment Events Co for pulling off an even bigger, better edition than last year.

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How to Build a Business Case for Your Employer Brand & EVP Project

As an HR and Talent Acquisition leader do you struggle to get buy-in from business leaders to invest in your employer brand? 

If you’re like most of your industry peers, you already know you need a compelling and differentiated employee value proposition (EVP). You understand that you need to start investing in employer branding activities to attract, engage and retain talent. This is not new news.

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User Adoption 101: Introducing New Tech to Your Team

You’ve got budget, you’ve got clear measurable goals, you’re ready to launch your shiny new tech tool to the world, right?! Stop right there. I know you’re excited about it, but technology adoption takes planning and getting video investment across the line with your senior leaders is just the beginning. Now you need to build excitement and motivation in your team, with your hiring managers and if you haven’t already started - it’s time to get the marketing folk onboard as well.

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The Best Smartphone Video Camera Accessories

People often ask me “Without breaking the bank, what are the best accessories to help me make professional-looking smartphone videos?”

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