Six Reasons to Boost Employee Engagement with Video

Fostering engagement in your workforce is crucial to the success of your business. According to Gallup research, 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged and the same study states that companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147%.

So how can you boost employee engagement? And why should your organisation use video to do so?

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Introducing Monster Studios—Powered by VideoMyJob

Today at the HR Technology Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, Monster will be previewing  an industry leading collaboration with VideoMyJob.  The new Monster Studios mobile app will give talent acquisition, recruitment and HR teams the power to record, edit and publish a video job ad in minutes.

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How to Promote Your Video Job Ad

Pat yourself on the back! You’ve planned, recorded and edited a shiny new video job ad, now what? How do you ensure that the brilliant (go on, you can say it), engaging and entertaining video you laboured over gets in front of your ideal candidate?

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A Roadmap for Change Management and Technology Adoption

Enterprise video adoption rarely happens organically. To ensure your team’s success you need a video adoption plan. 

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How Davidson Recruitment are Innovating with Video

Davidson pride themselves on assisting companies to prepare for the workforce of the future, this strategy informs their own business operations where they value continuous improvement and innovation. Which led them to investigate VideoMyJob in 2016.

Early adopter Cameron Norton, Principal Consultant at Davidson shares his experience of introducing video job advertising to his recruitment firm and discusses the challenges of implementation, the benefits of video marketing and the success Davidson has seen in the past year.

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Mastering the Teleprompter

Don’t be a slave to your teleprompter, learn to work the teleprompter to your advantage so that you can focus on the business of being you.

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