Video Marketing for Talent Teams

How to Create Content-Rich Learning & Development Programs

Just like snowflakes, no two employees are the same. Their preferred learning and development methods at work can range broadly from high touch mentoring and coaching to low touch curated content and self-paced courses.

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3 Simple Strategies for Better Recruitment Videos

Think of your video job advert as, well, think of it as an advertisement! Imagine you are advertising a chocolate bar, do Cadbury list every.single.ingredient in their ads? No. Do they try and tap into an emotional or physical need that will prompt you to think of their chocolate bar next time you’re hungry/sad/romantic? Yes!

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Personal Branding Tips & Strategy with Greg Savage

Do you speak video? As in, do you understand how to communicate and simultaneously humanise your brand with video? Do you know how to produce, and strategize your content to connect with your audience and build awareness? 

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A Roadmap for Change Management and Technology Adoption

Enterprise video adoption rarely happens organically. To ensure your team’s success you need a video adoption plan. Without an adoption or change management plan, the initial enthusiasm for video will dwindle and your recruiters will quickly return to the old way of doing things. Here's our road map for successful video adoption at your workplace.

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Recruiters! The YouTube Influencers You Need to Follow to Up Your Game in 2020

In 2020, I’d like to make an offering to you! It’s to do with Marie Kondo and your YouTube account.

Marie Kondo is the Queen of decluttering homes, kitchens, wardrobes, draws, etc. She is a staunch advocate of only keeping the possessions that really and truly bring joy! 

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How to Build a Business Case for Your Employer Brand & EVP Project

As an HR and Talent Acquisition leader do you struggle to get buy-in from business leaders to invest in your employer brand? 

If you’re like most of your industry peers, you already know you need a compelling and differentiated employee value proposition (EVP). You understand that you need to start investing in employer branding activities to attract, engage and retain talent. This is not new news.

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User Adoption 101: Introducing New Tech to Your Team

You’ve got budget, you’ve got clear measurable goals, you’re ready to launch your shiny new tech tool to the world, right?! Stop right there. I know you’re excited about it, but technology adoption takes planning and getting video investment across the line with your senior leaders is just the beginning. Now you need to build excitement and motivation in your team, with your hiring managers and if you haven’t already started - it’s time to get the marketing folk onboard as well.

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The Focus: Video Tech in Recruitment & HR Ep.7, 8 & 9

As we’re edging close to our tenth week of The Focus, what better time to reflect and recap on our last few episodes. We’ve had some incredible guests throughout the series ranging from SEO experts and employer brand strategists, to viral marketers and storytellers. And there’s been no shortage of expertise in the last few weeks.   

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Paul Finn’s Step-by-Step Recipe for Engaging Videos

Ever heard the expression “In a world of pigeons, be a flamingo”? I’ve seen it on birthday cards and a hundred inspirational Instagram posts and today, it’s echoing in my ears. I’ve been on the phone to Staunch Digital’s Paul Finn speaking about video traffic and our ever growing digital world of content.

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