January 29, 2020

In 2020, I’d like to make an offering to you! It’s to do with Marie Kondo and your YouTube account.

Marie Kondo is the Queen of decluttering homes, kitchens, wardrobes, draws, etc. She is a staunch advocate of only keeping the possessions that really and truly bring joy! 

My 2020 offering to you is encouragement to “Kondo” your YouTube account, or the one you’re going to create. Keep, replace or add (only after the declutter of course) the YouTube influencers and channels that challenge your thinking, make you laugh, leave an imprint, educate, entertain and inspire you in 2020!

YouTube, where the world goes to ask 'How do I ... '

YouTube is the number one video platform (2 billion monthly active users) and whilst it is not always part of the social media conversation, it is a social network and it is the second biggest website and second biggest search engine in the world!

You might see it as a person’s library of expertise, their body of work, brand or website.  Influencers use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok to drive traffic back to their YouTube channel.

For those of us in recruitment and talent attraction, YouTube can be the never-ending packet of Tim Tams for recruitment and sales advice and tips, sourcing, talent, interviewing, vlogs, tutorials, masterclasses, keynote and inspirational speakers and leaders!  Basically, everything you would ever need to know or want to find out about in your industry is on YouTube!

Read on to learn about some of my go-to YouTube personalities for recruitment industry inspiration? Don’t forget to review, keyword hunt, refine and declutter your accounts!

Got a bit of time? Check out Ben Nader

Get ready to sit back in your seat because Ben Nader will be forward in his, you’ll see what I mean when you watch his video!  Ben’s videos average from around 5 to 12 minutes, perfect for the commute to and from work.

His videos are jam-packed with recruitment, business and entrepreneurial truths, experience and lessons because he walks the talk. I really appreciate his energy and how well he articulates his points and edits together his videos. 

I also love the effort he has put into branding his YouTube channel which includes the clarity of his thumbnails, making it easy to select the topic of your choice and thus discern more easily the content you genuinely want to watch. 

Plus, if you were thinking about starting a YouTube channel, there’s a lot of things that Ben can teach you! 

  • He introduces himself the same way in every video
  • He uses visual cues for consistency; backwards cap, same filming environment
  • His relationship to the camera is warm, friendly and sincere 
  • He leans in, he is physically barrelling down the camera lensplaying with movement and distance to the camera can make for better engagement
  • He posts consistently to his YouTube channel


Still got a bit of time? Check out Brianna Rooney

Brianna Rooney’s The Millionaire Recruiter YouTube Channel has a Ruby Lee ‘esk’ flare about it. She’s all about financial freedom, travel and designing your career and life.  She has bootcamps and courses. Her channel is mostly devoted to recruitment, career advice and LinkedIn, as per her well organised YouTube playlists. She also includes videos about the lifestyle that she’s purposefully created. 

Brianna’s personal branding comes through visually and verbally and this aligns really naturally with her energetic, upbeat and surprisingly, non-caffeinated persona. She has some shorter videos but when it comes to recruitment advice and strategy, you’re looking at the 10-15 minute mark.


Not a lot of time? Katrina Kibben

Katrina Kibben runs Three Ears Media. Her YouTube Channel provides excellent advice and strategies (as does her blog!) that are aimed at helping recruiters to become excellent writersjob posts, thank you messages, texts to candidates etc.  And she manages to deliver so much truth and helpful advice in short 2-3 minute bites.

She’s relatively new to YouTube, although you wouldn’t know that at a glance since she’s consistent with her video posts and is so relaxed and authentic in her delivery and tone, perhaps why I find myself resonating with her so much! 

If you want inspiration for your writing, particularly in a world of emojis, abbreviations and lazy grammar, subscribe to Katrina's YouTube channel! Also, her Recruitment Marketing Playlist is super helpful.



Got 60 seconds of time? Greg Savage

Greg Savage’s formulaic Savage Sixty Seconds on The Savage Truth YouTube channel is hard-hitting. His videos are, you guessed it, 60 seconds! He’s selective with his topics on recruitment, business, leadership, AI and the use of social media. He is authoritative, has gusto and his knowledge is rich, making his one minute content very valuable.  

For those of us wanting inspiration in our week but don’t have a lot of time, or want inspiration for our team meetings and development days to hone in crucial points about business and how we ‘show up’ in our roles or treat candidates and deal with clients, his bite-size videos are great! His videos are also a lesson to all when it comes to personal branding!



I hope this list aids and inspires you to apply discernment to your content subscriptions, and to find the influencers, especially if you don’t have any yet, that bring actual value - and joy - to your productive recruiting weeks! 

Don’t forget to check out your favourite companies and bloggers too. They’ll likely have a channel! Good luck ‘Kondo-ing’ your YouTube, let me know if I've missed anyone!


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