Video Marketing for Talent Teams

User Adoption 101: Introducing New Tech to Your Team

You’ve got budget, you’ve got clear measurable goals, you’re ready to launch your shiny new tech tool to the world, right?! Stop right there. I know you’re excited about it, but technology adoption takes planning and getting video investment across the line with your senior leaders is just the beginning. Now you need to build excitement and motivation in your team, with your hiring managers and if you haven’t already started - it’s time to get the marketing folk onboard as well.

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The Best Smartphone Video Camera Accessories

People often ask me “Without breaking the bank, what are the best accessories to help me make professional-looking smartphone videos?”

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Mobile Video Editing Apps for Business: Premium vs Free

You know the saying, the best things in life are free? Well, that may be true when it comes to friendships, hugs and sleep. But if we’re talking video to enhance your recruitment marketing strategy—which we are—then you probably want a tool that meets your business needs, not just one that’s easy on your wallet.

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The Focus: Video Tech in Recruitment & HR Ep.7, 8 & 9

As we’re edging close to our tenth week of The Focus, what better time to reflect and recap on our last few episodes. We’ve had some incredible guests throughout the series ranging from SEO experts and employer brand strategists, to viral marketers and storytellers. And there’s been no shortage of expertise in the last few weeks.   

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Paul Finn’s Step-by-Step Recipe for Engaging Videos

Ever heard the expression “In a world of pigeons, be a flamingo”? I’ve seen it on birthday cards and a hundred inspirational Instagram posts and today, it’s echoing in my ears. I’ve been on the phone to Staunch Digital’s Paul Finn speaking about video traffic and our ever growing digital world of content.

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The Focus: Video Tech in Recruitment & HR Ep.6

Last week on The Focus our topic was ‘cutting through the noise’ with video and how to demonstrate your expertise with special guest Wendy McDougall of Firefish Software.

This week, the focus of our discussion is storytelling and employer branding with video. My special guest this week is Crystal Miller Lay, CEO and Founding Employer Brand Strategist of Branded Strategies.

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