Video Marketing for Talent Teams

Adopting Video - How to Demonstrate ROI and Get Buy-In

We’ve all been there. You checked out a new tool, fell in love with the features and know it’s going to make your life a whole lot easier – only to have it knocked back because you can’t prove how it will impact the bottom line.


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Harmony Week 2023: 10 Video Script Templates To Enhance Your DE&I

Harmony week. A week where we bring to the forefront of our minds, the need to prioritise the people in our organizations and communities. To not just acknowledge but declare, everyone belongs.

For everyone working in DE&I, whether you’re HR, employer branding or dedicated to diversity within your organisation, the biggest challenge is getting the word out.

So to help get that much needed momentum, we’ve crafted (with the help of some clever AI) a list of ten different video scripts you can use to bring the value the harmony week offers into your organization.

Feel free to use these as is, or just for that bit of inspiration you've been needing to start your own content journey.

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Breaking Down the Video Roadmap: Leidos Leads the Way with CX Innovation

As part of our Talent Blazers series we spoke with Emily Haire, Talent Acquisition Leader at Leidos, to find out how some clever candidate experience innovations helped plan a successful video roadmap for a highly secure, conservative organization.

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How to Boost Diversity, Equity & Inclusion With a Video Strategy

As part of our Talent Blazers series, we spoke with Quila Cervelli, Global Employer Branding Manager at RMIT, to learn how video can be used to boost diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. She also shares tips to address some common video challenges in recruitment marketing. 

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Supporting Camera-Shy Team Members to Star in Your Employer Branding Video

The most effective employer branding videos showcase your full team. But how do you encourage less-confident employees to take part?

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From Regional Pilot to Global Video Adoption with GSK

As part of our Talent Blazers series we spoke with Samantha Chong, Project Manager at GSK, to find out exactly how her team nailed video adoption in local recruitment marketing – and then turned it into a global rollout.

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How to Convince Your Hiring Manager to Star in Your Next Video Job Ad

It’s no surprise that job seekers want to hear from the people they will be working with, and reporting to, when considering an opportunity. Can you believe that your company’s mission and values, and a long list of responsibilities and requirements (written in the third person) is not the kind of compelling content that makes a candidate click ‘apply now’?

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How Middleton Executive Deliver Exceptional Candidate Care with Video

Middleton Executive are specialists in digital product, technology, and executive recruitment. They help rapidly growing technology companies secure the best product and tech talent globally. So far so good. But what do Middleton Executive do when there’s a global pandemic and so much economic uncertainty that hiring slows to a trickle?

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How to Create Professional Videos at Home

It’s been over four weeks since the VideoMyJob team moved completely to working from home, due to COVID-19. After moving from the well-lit, fabulously furnished VideoMyJob headquarters, to our home offices (or dining/living/spare rooms), we’ve had to adjust to filming videos in new locations and a unique set of new challenges; clutter, kids at home, fur-babies and other distractions!

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