Video Marketing for Talent Teams

The Co-Lab, Edition Four

Welcome to the fourth edition of The Co-Lab... Your VideoMyJob Community Newsletter! We’ll be sharing all the latest updates, tips and tricks, and user insights and wins. 

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The Co-Lab, Edition Three

Welcome to the third edition of The Co-Lab... Your Quarterly VideoMyJob Community Newsletter! We’ll be sharing all the latest updates, tips and tricks, and user insights and wins. 

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HR Tech Fest Sydney Wrap Up!

The HR Innovation and Tech Fest kicked off last Monday at the ICC in Sydney. For those who weren’t able to make it, allow me to set the scene before I share my highlights from the event.

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RecFest Australia 2019

The VideoMyJob crew had a ball at RecFest! It’s a unique event on the Australian scene and huge kudos must go to Andrea Kirby and the team at The Recruitment Events Co for pulling off an even bigger, better edition than last year.

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Mobile Video Editing Apps for Business: Premium vs Free

You know the saying, the best things in life are free? Well, that may be true when it comes to friendships, hugs and sleep. But if we’re talking video to enhance your recruitment marketing strategy—which we are—then you probably want a tool that meets your business needs, not just one that’s easy on your wallet.

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Global Recruiting Survey Says Video is No Longer a 'Nice to Have'

57% of talent teams already have a video recruitment strategy. Of those, 95% plan to spend as much, or more, on video in the next 12 months. What does that tell you about the state of video in talent today?

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Reporting Live from LAXTechRecruit

My intense week started with a LinkedIn sponsored pre-conference check-in at The Bungalow, with the beautiful backdrop of Venice Beach (stunning). I finally met the wonderful Stacey Broadwell (TechRecruit Founder) in person! It was also my first time out of LAX Airport, it certainly won't be my last! So here's the wrap (have no fear, no actual rapping occurs).

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2000 Videos a Month and Climbing: Scaling Video

In May 2019 VideoMyJob’s 150 customers created 2064 videos. That’s an average of nearly 14 videos per team, per month! This video production total is growing every month as our customers adopt employee-generated video as a ‘business as usual’ practice that is an indispensable part of their communication strategy.

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Highlights from UNLEASH America 2019

UNLEASH America is the number one gathering place for those who thrive on HR Tech innovation and the workforce revolution. This year's conference in Las Vegas was a dynamic melting pot of ideas, innovation, energy, passion, collaboration, and evolution. With speakers like Esther Perel, Peter Hinssen, Kathryn Minshew and Shakti Jauhar delivering the very latest insights into critical opportunities of the workplace. We’re telling you now, it didn’t disappoint! 

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