July 25, 2019

My intense week started with a LinkedIn sponsored pre-conference check-in at The Bungalow, with the beautiful backdrop of Venice Beach (stunning). I finally met the wonderful Stacey Broadwell (TechRecruit Founder) in person! It was also my first time out of LAX Airport, it certainly won't be my last! So here's the wrap (have no fear, no actual rapping occurs).

The setting for LAXTechRecruit was the incredible Campus Playa Vista AKA Silicon Beach, a real hub of creative and tech companies. I was attending as part of the Startup Competition; 35 entered, 6 made it and 4 pitched on stage. Judges Allan Fluhrer & Keith Herman gave us 2 minutes to tell our story, we all walked away winners, but it was Andrew Gardner from Humanly who took the prize:

I also had the chance to meet the Founder of ContentAppAlistair Nealwho wanted a quick demo so thought I'd interview him so you could learn more about the space they are in (and also because that's how easy it is to grab a quick interview with the VideoMyJob app!)

We heard from many incredible speakers, including recruiting royalty Lou Adler. He explained why the best candidates are often NOT the best hires, I am sure we can all relate to that! He also spoke about performance-based hiring and applicant control … some beautiful lessons to be learned there!

My personal favorites were the Recruitment Marketing & Employer Branding sessions from a group of peeps who really do know their space.

  • Rayanne Thorn spoke about the importance of ensuring your company has enabled Bing for voice search … even Siri uses Bing or used to according to Apple!
  • Maren Hogan from Red Branch Media literally mapped out an entire presentation starting with personas right through to an entire plan for Employer Brand and tactical tips on what to start first. VERY cool!
  • Craig Fisher then demonstrated the importance of using video in recruitment—a personal favorite of the day!!
And of course, I didn't miss out on my Ninh Tran fix! Here we share our collective experience about growing pains in Startup life, where there is never a dull moment! Check out the interview below if you're looking for some additional spice in your life—Ninh might just have the answer for you with Hiretual!

I’ve 'been' to Los Angeles over 20 times now … but literally never stepped out of the airport. So it’s been nice to get to know the place, from beautiful Blues to 90s rock! One of the highlights was definitely hiking up to the Hollywood sign and feeling—for one moment—like I'd made it in Hollywood!!!

Goodbye LA, now I’m off to Boston to visit a Monster!

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