July 25, 2019

We’re excited for another episode of our new web series The Focus: Video Tech in Recruitment & HR, where each week we talk about the hot topic of video in recruitment and HR with special guests at varying stages of video adoption (and resistance!)

Last week I chatted with early adopters of video, Sarah Wixon and Jenna Keating from PIE Recruitment. A great episode on preparing your organization for video content deployment in recruitment, employer branding, candidate experience and onboarding.

This week, the focus of our discussion will be the benefits of including video in your job board posts and in particular the newly launched Monster Studios video job ad app for Monster Job Board advertisers. I’m joined by Alex Kevork, Global VP of Monster, and Kristen Graham, Co-Founder of VideoMyJob.

The Focus | Episode 3


Monster is a global leader in connecting people to jobs, wherever they are. For more than 20 years, Monster has helped people improve their lives with better jobs, and employers find the best talent. 



Here are some of the topics we cover in this week's episode:

  • A brief history of Monster as a player in the recruitment sector (3:30)
  • How Monster is innovating job boards (6:25)
  • Video as a service to candidates (9:09)
  • The benefits of video job ads (10:53)
  • Using video outside the job board ecosystem (12:50)
  • Engagement for the consumer of today (13:20)
  • Creating & publishing a video job advert in Monster Studios (16:47)
  • The future of recruitment (19:40)
  • Videos of the week (22:30)
  • Resources from Monster (32:20)

Job board innovation

“We're really focused on transforming the way that employers and candidates find the right fit. Now there's so much opportunity to help them through that, but the thing is the right fit means more than a simple job description with skills and requirements or a simple resume with a bunch of bullet points right? So there is a need in the marketplace to evolve that job description and to give candidates and employers a better way to see each other.”

“Employer branding is something we're all about here at Monster because you know it's a very tight labor market right now and the only way to differentiate and stand out is around employer branding, and video is a core component and for this branding!” - Alex Kevork

Video as a service to candidates

“We've done research that shows that when a candidate has a strong affinity to an organization, they're more apt to want to work there”

“This is for the candidate so that they can get a better view into that company. It’s subjective of what a better view is from the candidates standpoint, but being able to show more than a job description and more than bullet points and get them a clear understanding of who it is they'll be working for, what challenges they can hope to tackle, and as you said, self-select to say hey you know what that's me, I could see myself in that role.”

“Candidates are attracted to these jobs that have videos, and it just it gives them a more fulfilling experience in the job search.” - Alex Kevork

The future of recruitment

“We owe it to consumers to provide them with the way that they consume information, so when candidates are telling us that they want something, it's up to us to adapt to that change or we disappear.” - Alex Kevork

“The early signs from candidates have been compelling, they're wanting more of it, they love the authentic feel, they love to be able to meet the hiring manager or the recruiter face-to-face before they even apply so it gives that candidate a real opportunity to benchmark themselves based on culture” - Kristen Graham

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