Video Marketing for Talent Teams

The Co-Lab, Edition One

Welcome to the first edition of The Co-Lab... Your Quarterly VideoMyJob Product Newsletter! We’ll be sharing all the latest updates, tips and tricks, and user insights and wins. 

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Product Update: Team Analytics, Video Library Search & Desktop Publishing

Fact 1: Trying to build a picture of your team’s video adoption and video performance has been time consuming (until now).

Fact 2: Not knowing how individual videos are performing, in the context of your organisation or team, has made it hard to identify areas for improvement (not anymore).

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June Product Update

This month has been all about stability, it’s not glamorous, but it sure does make for a better user experience! We did manage to squeeze in a few advanced features for our super-users; caption snapping and further improvements to trimming. There’s a host of teeny-tiny editing enhancements which will make the entire editing process smoother, more intuitive and quicker for everyone.

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April Product Update

We’ve had a makeover! Our new website is packed with feature info and customer stories. Log in to check out the cleaner and easier to navigate team dashboard. This is the first release, we have plans to gradually improve the desktop functionality and build a greater library of customer stories and add examples of great video content from our clients.

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February Product Update

Trim just got more powerful, with several nifty new tweaks to give you greater accuracy and an improved user experience. PLUS the web interface is getting a make-over, get a sneak peek of the sleeker, faster and easier to use dashboard.

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December Product Update

If you're a serial user of the 'start over' button, have we got a Christmas gift for you! You can now build your video in segments, scroll your teleprompter script between takes and we've added easy trim and transitions between segments. 

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October Product Update

👉 December Product Update

We've fixed a few issues and added some super-handy shortcuts to help you find your videos faster, exit and save if your recording gets interrupted and trim in any orientation. Watch the video to see it explained in full by our VP of Engineering or read on if you prefer your data in text form!

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August Product Update

It’s been a busy couple of months for VideoMyJob app updates - in-app tutorials and email campaigns, new cover templates and a Chrome extension that gives you access to your video library from your browser 🖥 Don't forget to update your app to make sure you have access to the most up-to-date feature packed version!

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