September 28, 2023

Welcome to the third edition of The Co-Lab... Your Quarterly VideoMyJob Community Newsletter! We’ll be sharing all the latest updates, tips and tricks, and user insights and wins. 

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New Feature Updates



Create Campaigns Update

Boost your efficiency with this new and improved way to create campaigns, making it even easier to plan and request videos from your team at scale. It comes complete with an updated script browser and template questions you can send your team for collecting those employee stories.




Re-Edit Videos

Cloud editing is here, meaning you can re-edit another person's video! Editors can now edit finished videos or edit a copy to refresh older videos giving you the power to seamlessly collaborate with your team by adding overlays or fixing a mistake on videos that have gone live.




We've improved the Analytics feature within the VMJ platform, giving you per second data of your video performance, and better insights into the content that's resonating with your audience. 



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AI Script Generator

You'll never need to start from scratch or be considered a content wizard because we're bringing AI into our platform, making it easy for you to create scripted videos that are on brand and help you land your message. Contact us if you would like to be part of our Early Access Program to get hands-on with this feature before it gets released. 




Export to Canva

Soon you'll be able to export to Canva to repurpose and transform your VMJ videos! This feature will let you format your video content, helping it to stand out in your social media feeds to maximise organic engagement and reach. Contact us if you would like to be part of our Early Access Program to get hands-on with this feature before it gets released. 



The Co-Lab with Tayla Noble


We’re excited to feature Tayla Noble as our Power User Spotlight for this edition. She's a Recruitment Resourcer at Pettit Pharma and Device Search, and has been instrumental in bringing video into the organisation's talent-to-brand strategy, and the success their organisation is experiencing using video.

Click to watch the full interview with Tayla.

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The Best Practice Award 🏆

We love seeing how you're using VideoMyJob as part of your TA and EB strategy. In this edition we wanted share how Pettit Pharma & Device Search are using their Story Feed to differentiate themselves in the market and create brand awareness.

Most of our customers use Story Feed to showcase "why you should work FOR their company", however PPD Search use it to showcase "why your should work WITH them" by creating video content that highlights their industry knowledge and wealth of industry experience.

Click here to check out their Story Feed!

Company News

Welcome Alexandrea Farha
Meet Alex, our newest Customer Success Manager. She brings a wealth of knowledge from her experience in recruitment, as well as being a VMJ customer in her previous role. She knows firsthand the challenges you might face, and how to achieve better outcomes.

If Alex is your Customer Success Manager, then be sure to reach out and utilise her as a resource for your talent-to-brand goals. 


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