Video Marketing for Talent Teams

10 Video Script Templates for the Employee Journey

From the moment an employee sees your job ad and submits their application, to their first promotion and final day; the employee journey is the sum of all these experiences and everything in between.

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How to Create a Great Employee Onboarding Process (with Examples)

Just eight weeks ago, a global pandemic was the stuff of nightmares and Netflix. Today, it’s our daily reality and it’s fair to say that the pandemic response has well and truly disrupted the business of ‘work.’

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How to Create Professional Videos at Home

It’s been over four weeks since the VideoMyJob team moved completely to working from home, due to COVID-19. After moving from the well-lit, fabulously furnished VideoMyJob headquarters, to our home offices (or dining/living/spare rooms), we’ve had to adjust to filming videos in new locations and a unique set of new challenges; clutter, kids at home, fur-babies and other distractions!

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