November 29, 2023

Welcome to the fourth edition of The Co-Lab... Your VideoMyJob Community Newsletter! We’ll be sharing all the latest updates, tips and tricks, and user insights and wins. 

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New Feature Updates



AI Scripts

We're bringing the power of AI into VideoMyJob to help you create better scripted videos, without ever having to start from scratch. That means you no longer have to spend time writing video scripts for your job ads or employee stories! Simply tell our AI what you want your scripted video to be about, and it will generate an engaging script for filming. Request Access to explore these AI features while it's free.



Export For Canva

Repurpose and transform your VMJ videos by exporting it to Canva for advanced editing and formatting options. This will help you stand out in your social media feeds to maximise organic engagement and reach.


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Multiple Story Feeds

Create more than one Story Feed, complete with a new library of employee stories based on your desired topic. You can now add your Graduate employee stories on your Grad Program web page, or create multiple Story Feeds for your different Brands.

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Campaign Management

Boost your efficiency with this new and improved way to create campaigns, making it even easier to plan and request videos from your team at scale. It comes complete with an updated script browser and template questions you can send your team for collecting those employee stories.


The Colab - Event Invite - Maggie Partsi - No Date

What an absolute delight it was having Maggie on The Co-Lab Live! She specialises in creative digital content and talent attraction strategy, and is one of VMJ’s top users when it comes to building a video-led approach to recruitment marketing.

Whether you’re a video veteran or just starting out, be sure to check out our session with Maggie to uncover practical tips and insights from one of the industry’s best... Click to watch the full interview with Maggie.

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The Best Practice Award 🏆

We love seeing how you're using VideoMyJob as part of your video strategy. In this edition we wanted to give Haleon a shoutout for the amazing job they've done executing a great playbook on how to build and promote a Story Feed via a strategic LinkedIn campaign that you can see happening in real time. 

It's yet another great example of how video content is the champion of EmployerBranding. A way to show instead of tell. Prove instead of appeal.

Click here to see it in action!


Company News

Customer Success 👋
This quarter our Customer Success team have completed a record number of on-site, in person training and strategy sessions... and we've never felt more connected to our customers!

It goes without saying that we've loved catching up with everyone, and we look forward to continuing to connect, learn and strategise with you all ❤️

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