July 22, 2019

We love to immerse ourselves in the work of thought leaders, vendors and fellow practitioners who inspire, educate and motivate us to do better. There’s nothing quite like hearing from someone who’s done it before, analyzed the data or built a new tool to get us inspired to try something new (or go back and improve something old!)

So here’s a list of our favourite HR and Talent blogs, the ones that consistently provide food for thought, best practice and actionable tips and tricks. Leave a comment below if we’ve missed one of your favourites!

Recruiting Brainfood

Hung Lee’s weekly newsletter is not really a blog but it definitely deserves a mention. If you subscribe to nothing else subscribe to this! Every Sunday recruiters the world over eagerly anticipate the arrival of their ‘brainfood’ a crowd-sourced and carefully curated list of articles, community resources, research and upcoming events.

The beauty of Recruiting Brainfood is that Hung has made it super-simple to search for that article you read a few months ago but forgot to bookmark with his ‘Brainfood Larder’ database, check it out (and def bookmark it!)

Our fave reads from 2019:

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Rally RM is an online community forum where the best ideas in Recruitment Marketing are learned and shared, to help professionals gain new skills, advance in their career and deliver greater business impact.

With regular guest posts from marketing dynamo and Rally’s founder Lori Sylvia this blog covers candidate experience, employer branding, social recruiting and more. Rally’s mission is to give you the confidence and skills to adopt Recruitment Marketing strategies and technologies that can change the trajectory of your career and the future of your organization.

Our fave reads from 2019:


ERE has become one of the reliable go-to information sources for human resources, talent acquisition, and recruiting professionals. ERE delivers daily must-know information, webinars and a job board to Talent Acqusition professionals. Topics range from current news issues, how-tos to thought leadership and new technology trends.

Our fave reads from 2019:

Hire by Google

It should come as no surprise that the team behind Hire by Google, one of 2019’s big disruptors, are investing in some quality content. With access to jumbo-loads of proprietary data and pockets deeper than the Mariana Trench they are pulling out all the stops to grab attention and market share. And to be honest, it’s working pretty well, in amongst the blatant product plugs are some really great pieces of content.

Our fave reads from 2019:


The team at SmartDreamers consistently produce helpful, on the money and action-provoking content. It also helps that their site is very easy on the eye, with a strong visual identity and a sweet set of downloadable ebooks on handy topics like Recruiting with Instagram and Facebook for Recruitment. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

Our fave reads from 2019:

HR Bartender

HR Bartender focuses on topics that relate to the workplace, not just human resources. Some of their most popular subjects deal with how to be a better supervisor and leader, employee engagement and career advice.

Author Sharlyn Lauby, who has 20+ experience in HR, frequently answers reader questions about everything from what happens during an employee investigation to providing job references during interviews. It’s a very approachable place to learn about and discuss everyday workplace issues.

Our fave reads from 2019:

The Undercover Recruiter

The Undercover Recruiter blog covers all bases.  Employer branding; insights, case studies and vendor advice on how to hire and retain the best talent. Recruiting; featuring tips and tricks from real recruiters. We especially like their vox-pop style articles featuring sound-bites from practitioners and pundits on trending topics.

Their sponsored ads make reading their content on mobile a real challenge, and there’s a lot of vendor guest posts of questionable value to wade through, but every now and then you strike gold!

Our fave reads from 2019:

The HR Capitalist

This blog was started by Kris Dunn, an insightful young HR pro with a bone to pick. His blog is geared towards jerking HR out of the dinosaur age and ramping up operations to keep them in-line with modern workplace trends, concerns and technologies. His day job is CHRO of RPO Kinetix so he has some skin in the game, unlike some opinionated bloggers who haven’t actually been ‘on the tools’ in decades.

This scrappy collection of articles, off-the-cuff commentary and even KD’s current reading list is irreverent, funny and a dangerously easy way to lose a few hours.

Our fave reads from 2019:

It pays to learn from industry experts if you want to be a master of your craft. HR management is an ever-evolving discipline that every business needs to be across. This list of HR blogs will help you stay on top of everything you need to top up your knowledge on a regular basis.

Happy reading. Let us know in the comments below if you subscribe to any of these or if you have other favourites we should know about!


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