October 25, 2019

The VideoMyJob crew had a ball at RecFest! It’s a unique event on the Australian scene and huge kudos must go to Andrea Kirby and the team at The Recruitment Events Co for pulling off an even bigger, better edition than last year.

Every single presentation was insightful, the speakers were passionate about their field of expertise and above all delighted to be part of the burgeoning RecFest Australia community (expanding to New Zealand next year).

We are grateful to the wonderful Rebecca Houghton of Bold HR for assisting us on the day by playing the part of VideoMyJob ‘anchorwoman’. For those of you who missed out this year, here are some of our highlights from RecFest Australia 2019.

Hung Lee on Candidate Engagement in the Attraction Economy 

The affable Hung Lee of Recruiting Brainfood shares what he loves about RecFest, as well as providing his considerable charm as an MC and host. His afternoon session ‘Tricks Or Trust? Candidate Engagement In The Attention Economy’ was a cracker.  Hung made a strong case for trust over tricks for better results in candidate engagement, keep an eye on @RecEventsANZ if you want to watch (or rewatch) the full recording when it goes live.

Derek Redmond on Setting Yourself Up To Be A Hero

It’s not every day you get to chew the fat with a two-time Olympian. We think Rebecca may have been just a wee bit starstruck as she discussed Derek Redmond’s mantra of putting your effort into things you can control (like training/skills/preparation) and not worrying about the things you can’t control (like outcomes/promotion/annual targets).


Edan Haddock: Forget Everything You Know About Recruitment!

The room was packed for Edan Haddock’s presentation, we were all enthralled as he took us through his journey at Flybuys to create a memorable candidate experience and bring a focus on values alignment into their assessment and recruitment processes.

Joanne Lockwood on the Journey to Conscious Inclusion

Accidental comic Joanne Lockwood explained clearly why organisations need to embrace diversity and get better at being inclusive, and the importance of active inclusion. Watch til the end to avoid offending your transgender friends and colleagues with stupid questions!


Nicola Harrison A Pill, A 3D Printer And A Blanket

Nicola Harrison delivered an amazing presentation, with a very cryptic title! She talked about how RMIT University is taking indigeneity to a new level, what talent inclusion is really about and why it's important to have authenticity, quality and depth behind your recruitment numbers.

Jodie Tuckwell-Knight and Wear for Success

It’s hard to fathom that someone may not be able to attend an interview or start work because they simply can’t afford to get there. Jodie Tuckwell-Knight explains how Wear for Success provides professional clothing and work skills training to provide people with the best possible chance of achieving their dreams, and that 5% from each #RecFestAus19 ticket sold has been donated to Wear for Success.


Don’t forget to get your tickets early next year, RecFest sold out and the quality of speakers is only going to get better as this event gathers steam in our region!



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