October 07, 2019

You’ve got budget, you’ve got clear measurable goals, you’re ready to launch your shiny new tech tool to the world, right?! Stop right there. I know you’re excited about it, but technology adoption takes planning and getting video investment across the line with your senior leaders is just the beginning. Now you need to build excitement and motivation in your team, with your hiring managers and if you haven’t already started - it’s time to get the marketing folk onboard as well.

Sadly, there is no all-in-one ‘silver bullet’ or ‘video blueprint’ to suit all businesses and stakeholders. BUT as a software provider specialising in HR Tech, we’ve seen a lot of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to implementing video in Talent, Recruitment and HR departments.

For the last 3 years I have actually run workshops and training programs with early adopters of video across the globe. Their journeys with video have taught me so much about introducing and adapting to new technology in the workplace and the necessary steps needed in your video introduction (no matter the business or stakeholder group) to ensure it becomes a sticky and successful business tool.

From us to you; we’ve compressed a million lessons we’ve learnt the hard way into a 3 step guide for successful video adoption. 

Happy video launch!


3-Step guide to introducing new tech to your employees & stakeholders

Step 1: Introduce VideoMyJob by creating … videos!

Technology adoption needs early adopters

For many people, video can be a scary and vulnerable proposition. These are new skills we’re developing and whether it’s video, learning how to swim or slow-cooking a lamb, if you have no previous experience in the area, working outside your comfort zone can be hard. 

What can you do? Lead the way!

Create a ‘Welcome to VideoMyJob’ video with some (or all) of the below:

  • Film and edit your own VideoMyJob introduction; explain the ‘Why’ i.e. the benefits of video in general, and your vision for video specifically - what are you hoping to achieve?
  • Explain the ‘what's in it for me’ for teams and individuals. If you want stakeholder buy-in, find ways to illustrate how video can help them achieve their KPIs and personal goals. 
  • Share your personal experience and app learnings thus far.
  • Outline expectations i.e. company video goals, how you will measure success and team video targets.

78% of those using video believe it increases the quality of applications.

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Lead by example

Whether you’re a recruiter, HRBP or a VideoMyJob project leader, lead from YOU. Introduce the VideoMyJob platform to hiring managers and other stakeholders by sending them your filmed and edited video. 

Talking about the wonders of video can fall on deaf ears. Paint a picture, demonstrate the capabilities and benefits by sending personalised video messages to those senior leaders, hiring managers and colleagues you wish to influence. 

Share links to video job ads and messages you’ve created and the engagement metrics you’ve seen, get creative, ask candidates/employees to record their response to your videos to provide a fuller picture.

Selling video to your stakeholders? We recommend the following;

  • Create a personalised video for each stakeholder group and outline the ‘Why’ - why you’d like them to be in your video
  • Demonstrate the app’s features by including text captions, b-roll video and eye-catching covers
  • Discuss how to share your videos anywhere!
  • Heres a script and video plan for you!


Step 2: Identify and promote your video champions

Just like any project or new system, selecting your key players at the start is essential for VideoMyJob adoption. Your video champions will drive and motivate video adoption. 

They are your go-to people; measuring progress, helping with roadblocks, collating feedback and providing support and direction for your video-user community.

Many of our clients have created a call-out for employees, asking for expressions of interest. This is a clever way to identify genuine interest in those who want to learn these new skills, embrace the change ahead, level up their development, and become a VideoMyJob ‘SuperUser’. 

Some companies have enlisted media-savvy students or interns to get implementation off the ground. Some have expanded employees current roles to include new video responsibilities and/or have worked alongside marketing and comms for the best trajectory!


Step 3. Schedule learning and education, together

Providing education ahead of and during implementation helps to empower video newcomers, ensure your video community has time to practice and adopt before implementing production goals. 

VideoMyJob’s resource centre and customer success team provide success planning, knowledge, best practices, trainers and tech support. 

Championing your video users creates a positive learning culture. This is not only for the encouragement of the people and teams who are adopting video in their strategy but also for those teams who aren’t involved. Giving the wider business a ‘heads up’ and notifying employees that they will be seeing people in and around their ‘office’ creating videos on their smartphones, creates a safety net for all. 

Learn together

Holding team development sessions, assigning video activities and having clear video KPIs are all great ways to get the video flywheel in motion, normalise video in your workplace and learn through the various stages. 

Celebrate the wins and tackle the obstacles (like nerves and camera shyness!) together! 

We recommend: 

Identifying strengths and skill gaps is important for team development. If specific KPIs and targets are being set, ensure you allow your team the space to hone their new skills. 


Adding video messaging to your communications and marketing toolkit is a significant change to the way your business communicates - don’t underestimate the preparation and influencing required to make it a success. You must lead the way, share those video success stories, engage your colleagues with video! Establish your cheerleaders, education and learning blocks! The more enabling, collaborative, inclusive and comfortable you make video - the easier the sell and the sooner you will start to see success.


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