Get More Views with LinkedIn Native Videos

What is 'native' video? A lot of people are confused by this term, so let’s clear that up straight away. Native video is video that is uploaded to or created on social networks and played in-feed, as opposed to links to videos hosted on external sites. Native video formats are specific to each social platform and are designed to maximise video engagement (i.e. number of views), discovery and distribution.

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The Best of HR Innovation & Tech Fest

Our super reporter, Bill Boorman, took some time out of his busy presenting schedule to interview key speakers from this year's HR Innovation & Tech Fest. We've pulled together the highlights for anyone who missed out.

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Camera Shy? Six Ways to Face Your Video Fears

On-camera inertia, aka wooden-face syndrome, petrifies us all at some time 😆! Some skills are innate but more often than not new skills need practice, time, energy and effort.

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Authentic Employee Stories to Power Your Employer Brand

To most of us, employee storytelling and employee testimonial might sound like the same thing. We all want to put our company’s best foot forward, don’t we? Well, the answer is yes, to a degree. If we are truly looking to attract employees who will thrive in our organisation we need to be honest, we need to be prepared to show the downsides as well as all the wonderful things about working at our company.

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October Product Update

👉 December Product Update

We've fixed a few issues and added some super-handy shortcuts to help you find your videos faster, exit and save if your recording gets interrupted and trim in any orientation. Watch the video to see it explained in full by our VP of Engineering or read on if you prefer your data in text form!

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How Platinum People Group are Building Brand Recognition with Video

Roland Youakim tells us how he has successfully built a video marketing strategy to launch his young recruiting agency Platinum People Group, who took out the Young Leaders in Finance award for ‘Recruiter of the Year’ in 2018. It’s amazing recognition for such a new business and validates Roland’s holistic and innovative approach to networking, leadership and giving back to the community.  

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