Video Marketing for Talent Teams

5 Ways to Help Newly Remote Workers Stay Connected

The freedom to work when and where you choose is a huge draw card for today’s workforce. But what happens when we don’t choose, and remote work is thrust upon us?

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How to Create Video Job Ads: Structure & Content

To help you create engaging and authentic video job ads we've refreshed our popular three-part ‘How to Create Video Jobs Ads’ series! Today we'll investigate how to write and structure your content, but stay tuned for the updated companion guides which cover best practice for filming and technical set up and practical strategies for authentic video job ad presenting.

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How to Increase the Reach of Employer Brand, EVP and Employee Story Videos

Congratulations! You’ve storyboarded, filmed and edited your first in-house video … now what? Video planning and production is the first step to getting authentic and engaging culture content in front of your ideal candidate. The next step may feel a little daunting, but it’s essential for making sure your video gets found.

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A Roadmap for Change Management and Technology Adoption

Enterprise video adoption rarely happens organically. To ensure your team’s success you need a video adoption plan. Without an adoption or change management plan, the initial enthusiasm for video will dwindle and your recruiters will quickly return to the old way of doing things. Here's our road map for successful video adoption at your workplace.

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Recruiters! The YouTube Influencers You Need to Follow to Up Your Game in 2020

In 2020, I’d like to make an offering to you! It’s to do with Marie Kondo and your YouTube account.

Marie Kondo is the Queen of decluttering homes, kitchens, wardrobes, draws, etc. She is a staunch advocate of only keeping the possessions that really and truly bring joy! 

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The #1 Priority for Talent Acquisition Leaders in 2020 is …

What’s keeping the world's most senior leaders in talent up at night? As part of our inaugural State of Video in Talent survey we asked the executives tasked with leading talent acquisition and attraction teams to share their challenges, and their plans for addressing those challenges in 2020.

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Product Update: Team Analytics, Video Library Search & Desktop Publishing

Fact 1: Trying to build a picture of your team’s video adoption and video performance has been time consuming (until now).

Fact 2: Not knowing how individual videos are performing, in the context of your organisation or team, has made it hard to identify areas for improvement (not anymore).

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Employer Branding in 2020: Ask the Experts

How will Employer Branding evolve in 2020?

It feels like the last few years have been a love parade of glittering tech floats, so many amazing shiny tools to choose from; chatbots, programmatic ads, video, augmented writing … what could possibly be next?

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How to Avoid Christmas Card Fatigue (Hint, Try Video)

When was the last time you received a holiday greeting card and thought ‘’wow, this business really understands me, this gesture of appreciation fills my heart with joy’’. Err ... never? 

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