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Rebecca Houghton

Rebecca Houghton
Rebecca Houghton is an award-winning leader in the talent space, recognised for her innovative approach to transforming traditional talent practices. She delivers a powerful yet practical message to employers, suppliers and tech firms in the talent space – it’s time to be bold. Delivered through keynote address, strategy workshops, executive coaching & mentoring and consulting, Rebecca’s methods make the big ideas practical and achievable, even in the most complex and conservative environments.
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Talent Acquisition & Marketing: Top 3 Tips for a Successful Partnership

I’ve recently been presenting to various audiences around the country on the importance of an employee value proposition as the core of strategic talent acquisition. One of the topics that comes up again and again is our relationship with Marketing and how important it is. Not getting this right is a major friction point for many Talent Acquisition and Recruitment teams (and I am sure for many Marketing teams too).

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