April 11, 2022

As part of our Talent Blazers series we spoke with Doug Kelsall, TA Director APAC at Experian, to find out how video personalization has transformed the company’s passive candidate attraction strategy.

When Experian started integrating video into its recruitment lifecycle just over two years ago, Doug Kelsall, TA Director APAC, says the data and analytics company was using it just like anybody else – for advertising and video vacancies. Over time, Experian’s approach has become more creative, and as a result, its talent pipeline is bursting with quality applicants. 

So how has video personalization transformed the company’s passive candidate attraction strategy into a more robust candidate outreach program?


Using video to cut through and connect

We know from the way video dominates our social media feeds that it’s a powerful medium. Done well, it’s super engaging, helping brands cut through and tell their stories in a way that leaves the written word for dust. 

It’s a critical weapon in your talent acquisition arsenal, too. In fact, in the 2021 State of Video in Talent (SOVT) report, 68% of survey respondents said they use video as part of their recruitment strategy, compared to 57% in 2019. Meanwhile, 43% of those not using video intend to start in the next 12 months.

Even in the early stages of integrating video into their recruitment lifecycle, Doug and his team found it “very, very effective” – not just for differentiating the company, but also as a way of improving the candidate experience. 

“It’s just a great way to showcase the hiring manager, our office locations, and lead into our culture,” he says. 

Since then, Experian has expanded its approach, using video for all sorts of internal and external communications, and as a purposeful component of its candidate outreach approach. 

“We’re having great success using it for blogs, for example,” Doug says. “We’ve used it for tip videos, we have integrated it into our application process – so as a candidate completes an application, they get a confirmation of that and there’s a video from our CEO saying: ‘Thank you very much for the application. We really look forward to engaging with you over our hiring process.’ 

“So, it’s creating those high-value touchpoints, and video is a great vehicle for that.”



An “absolute game-changer” in passive candidate attraction

Over time, the team at Experian has become more confident and more creative in the way it uses video. For example, they’ve now integrated video personalization into their passive candidate attraction strategy. 

The videos, which feature Experian's regional hiring manager, speak to the candidate directly, letting them know their profile is of real interest and that Experian hopes they’ll open up a conversation. 

“It’s just a fantastic way to show hiring manager commitment,” Doug says. “That level of personalization has been an absolute game changer and, in fact, quite often we’ll get comms back saying: ‘Loved the video! Wouldn’t normally respond but the video really caught my interest.’ So, it’s getting high levels of cut-through and engagement.” 

It’s an innovative approach and the results speak for themselves. Before implementing the video personalization approach, Doug explains that he had worked on the “third of a third rule”. 

“So if you reached out to 30 candidates, you might get 10 responses, and then you might be able to convert two or three, hopefully more, into viable candidates. What I’m seeing with using the video is the response rate is north of 50% – so that’s already a seismic difference.” 


More premium talent in the mix

Just over a fifth (21%) of SOVT respondents reported an improvement in candidate quality since beginning to use video to communicate with talent during recruitment, while 19% said they had seen a reduction in hiring costs.

These benefits are certainly being felt at Experian.

“I think we’re really getting a better grade of premium talent,” Doug says. “I think some of those individuals who perhaps historically may not have responded are now responding. 

“So the metric has gone up, but I think – dare I say – the quality has gone up as well, which is one of the key value-adds in using video. You’re not necessarily going to drive more applications, you’re just going to drive more relevant applications. We’re always keen to have premium talent in the mix.”




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