November 21, 2019

With so much chit-chat around the importance of developing a strong employer brand for 2020, we fear that some of you are suffering from analysis paralysis.

Fixating on strategy can cause you to get caught up in perfection, overlooking the value of authenticity and spontaneity.  

Is our employer brand strategic enough? Have we segmented and targeted our candidate messages correctly? Is our look and feel aligned across channels?  

All of these questions are extremely valid, but the value of engaging your employees in simple and effective brand storytelling seems to be regularly overlooked. 

The holiday season is the perfect time to focus on celebrating the uniqueness of your employees and helping their stories power your employer brand.

So take the strategy hat off for a minute and find out how to equip your employees with shareable content this Christmas that could influence your potential candidates and positively impact your employer brand.


What is the difference between employer brand, employer branding and employee value proposition?

Search employer branding definition on Google and you get 5,930,000 hits, that’s a lot of content, companies and individuals jostling to provide a definitive meaning of the concept. 

If you read one result per kilometer you could go around the world 148 times, but apart from being very dizzy and slightly more informed, you’d probably come back with an army of contradictions.

Often used interchangeably, the boundaries appear to be quite loose when it comes to definition and application of these three concepts.

The clearest explanation was dropped the other night when we hosted an EVP Masterclass with the fabulous Margie Kwan. Your employer brand is your reputation, employer branding is your expression and employee value proposition are the characteristics.


Guiding your employer brand by enabling your employees

Unfortunately your actual employer brand or reputation is pretty much out of your control, it’s driven by the heartbeat of your organization, otherwise known as your employees. 

Something that is in your control is how you express your brand or enable your team to do so. It’s no secret that candidates see employees as a window into the true nature of your organization, so the way you leverage your people has never been more important. 

What they share about their employee experience can leave a positive or negative impression on a potential candidate. Guiding your employees to create shareable content about their work experiences, and empowering them to be more active amongst their own networks is invaluable for building your employer brand.


Influencing candidates through employee advocacy on social media

Providing your employees with content worth amplifying can help you tap into the most widely used channel to influence potential candidates, social media. 

Social media is a place where your current employees can raise their voice and your potential candidates will listen. With scepticism around leadership on the rise, our recent State of Video in Talent report found that employees are the most trusted voices when it comes to candidate attraction.

So give your employees an engaging video that they'll want to share across their social network and watch your talent pipeline reap the benefits of employee advocacy.


An employer branding video idea that suits your time and resources 

We realise that come December our customers are often under pressure, exhausted and counting down the days till vacay.  That’s why we created our Tis The Season quiz, to inspire you to hit record before you hit the out of office.

Based on your quiz responses, the quiz wizard will serve you the perfect video inspiration to suit your goals, time and resources.

Not only will you receive a sample video, you’ll also get your hands on a step-by-step guide to planning, an example script to repurpose and a bunch of behind the scenes tips.

These creative sample ideas  are designed to be repurposed; this month’s topic might be Christmas, but the video format can be reimagined for many topics or seasonal events. 


Video ideas for employee engagement or business development

It’s not all about employer brand, the Tis The Season quiz also offers video inspiration to amplify your seasonal employee engagement and business development communications. 

If you’re after a holiday season internal comms video or looking to revamp your usual end of year thank you to clients or candidates, then there are ideas waiting for you. 

Take the quiz to get inspired or subscribe and receive holiday video inspiration direct to your inbox for the next four weeks.

Tis The Season to boost your employer brand, foster team spirit or engage with your clients and candidates in a meaningful way. 

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