February 20, 2019
Randstad are invested in transforming and redefining the way they connect with clients and candidates. Becoming a trusted human partner in the technology-driven world of work is their ultimate goal and video is now an integral part of their ‘human forward’ toolkit. We caught up with Jeannou van Ogtrop-Stijns, General Manager of Education, to discuss how her division has embraced video and some of the results.


What challenges were Randstad Education looking to address by adding video to your recruitment toolkit? 

In our business, being a high volume and fast paced sector operating in a country such as Australia which is really really big—we have the challenge of reaching a lot of people a bit further away, 24/7 if we can as well.

What we really tried to address with VideoMyJob was to put our ‘human forward’ philosophy into our day to day work. An advertisement is just an advertisement, it can be well written or not so well written—so obviously if we can add a video into that we can put the personal touch of the consultant in there and also show some great details of the role that we are advertising for, such as footage of the school or childcare facility that we are recruiting for.

We also use VideoMyJob for high volume recruits, where the recruitment consultants are introducing themselves on video to our potential new casual staff.

Tell us about the adoption of video within the Education division at Randstad 

For consultants within our division it definitely wasn’t an overnight thing where they all of a sudden loved being on video!

When we first implemented VideoMyJob within Randstad Education we had some discussions around being on a video, being on screen and putting yourself out there. First of all we had some in-depth training, so the guys from VideoMyJob came out on multiple occasions and actually trained the staff on how to use the app, how to position themselves, what would be a good spot to film and some simple techniques to look great on screen.

Video has been really adopted by our Director, but also by the management team who all saw the benefits of using video within our advertisements. We made it mandatory to have an advertisement always with a video—either to introduce yourself as a consultant or to give some more detail about the role.

We led from the front, every manager in our division did their own video when they were recruiting for internal staff to really make everyone aware of the fact that we aren’t just telling our staff to use video, we’re adopting it ourselves as well. Slowly but surely it just got embedded into our day-to-day operation. Now people just pick up a role from a client and head off to film a video, which they then add into their ad.

When new consultants start, at some point we will talk about the technologies which we use—VideoMyJob is obviously one of those. We try to make them feel as comfortable as possible to get adoption of the tool and get them to use it. The best thing for us is always tell them the story of the tool, and how we have been using it in the last couple of years. 

Where is video having the greatest impact in your business?

The best examples to share are the roles where we recruit for regional or remote areas. It’s not always possible to physically go out and meet with those clients or candidates because they live so far away. We have a track record now of where VideoMyJob has helped to close that gap.

We’ve also had some great success where a consultant has created a video introducing themselves to a casual pool. It’s a great opportunity to introduce yourself to all the candidates that you are working with but haven’t had the opportunity to meet yet.

Last but not least it’s a great branding exercise. It’s nice to see Randstad pop up all over the internet with videos that look really good and show how great our consultants and obviously grow our market share!

RandstadJeannou van Ogtrop-Stijns is the General Manager Education at Randstad Education. She’s been with Randstad for over 5 years and she has been supporting clients with staff recruitment, building talent pools, staff development, online rostering and general support since 2006.

With locations in every capital city in Australia, the Randstad Education team is the biggest and most experienced education and childcare staffing agency in the country. A division of global HR services industry leader Randstad, they source permanent, temporary and contract roles in early years education, primary and secondary school, out-of-school/vacation care and further education across Australia.

For more information visit Randstad Education.

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