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Olivia Solomons

Olivia Solomons
Olivia is our resident VidFit Coach and presenting expert. Liv has helped many video newbies overcome their fear of video to create kick-ass video content. When she's not helping VideoMyJob customers and partners get the most out of the app she can be spotted on screen and stage in a variety of professional TV and theatre productions.
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Camera Shy? Six Ways to Face Your Video Fears

On-camera inertia, aka wooden-face syndrome, petrifies us all at some time 😆! Some skills are innate but more often than not new skills need practice, time, energy and effort.

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Mastering the Teleprompter

Don’t be a slave to your teleprompter, learn to work the teleprompter to your advantage so that you can focus on the business of being you.

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How to Create Video Job Ads: Presenting

Welcome to the final part of our three-part series blog ‘Making your best Video Job Ads’, this – our final instalment, is about best preparing to present and bring your jobs to life.

When filming, it’s important to be yourself and use compelling content so that the information shared in your video job ad is absorbed and efforts are rewarded with great candidates.

Making videos might not be something you have ever done before, but rest assured VideoMyJob is designed for everyone to use, regardless of your experience in front of a camera.

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How to Create Video Job Ads: Technical Setup

Welcome back to our three part series ‘Making Your Best Video Job Ads’, this time we are going to cover all of your options when it comes to your set up for filming great video job ads.

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