August 22, 2016

For recruiters, personal brand is everything. It’s how you engage candidates, it’s how you sell your roles and it’s how you develop relationships that ultimately lead to placements. The challenge is being able to cut through to candidates and demonstrate that you are a person they should listen to and trust. This can be very difficult to do in writing, which is why the best recruiters are turning to video.

 Video gives you the opportunity to be natural and talk directly to your candidates as you would face to face. You can share your thoughts about a role and easily share your excitement and personality with every candidate. This will not only help to engage higher quality candidates but also goes a long way to build your personal brand.

If you’re not using video as part of your recruitment process, here are some reasons why you absolutely should be:


1. Tell candidates the nous of the role and industry

It’s often the little things that can be hardest to get across in writing. What are the specific benefits that will draw someone to the role? How does the culture compare to similar companies? Why is this hiring manager great to work with?

Video job ads allow you to easily highlight many benefits in less time and in a more compelling way. Video can also show you understand your candidate and go the extra mile with your roles. 


2. Showcase your area of specialisation

Openly demonstrate your understanding of the industry you’re recruiting for and position yourself as the expert.

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing your stuff but not quite being able to put it into words when reaching out to a candidate and video offers the perfect chance to do this in a way that’s natural and conversational. Chat about your specialised area openly and confidently, like you have so many times before between colleagues, friends and family.


3. Leverage your strong relationships

This is where you can get really creative. Why just talk about the role yourself when you could team up with the hiring manager or department manager?

Interviewing someone close to the role is a great way to not only let the business share insights about the role and the company, but also show that you have personal connection with your client. This will add credibility to your position and make you seem like much more than a middleman between talent and a position.



4. Be passionate and enthusiastic for their role

When you’re in front of the camera you can visibly show how enthusiastic and passionate you are about your roles. It’s far easier to communicate excitement with body language and facial expressions than through a written job ad or a LinkedIn message.

And when you’re clearly excited, your candidates are going to share that excitement with you. They’ll be more engaged with what you have to say and are more likely to remember the role than if they simply read a templated job ad.

Video job ads are the perfect tool to provide greater insight to candidates and build your personal brand. When you can talk naturally and openly, your personality and ability to engage candidates will encourage talent to hear you out and express genuine interest in your role.

If you want to keep up with the best in the industry, move away from written job ads and start using video now!


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