September 05, 2018

Pat yourself on the back! You’ve planned, recorded and edited a shiny new video job ad, now what? How do you ensure that the brilliant (go on, you can say it), engaging and entertaining video you laboured over gets in front of your ideal candidate?

There’s nothing sadder than creating a great video job description and watching it languish in ‘no likes’ purgatory, it’s something we see time and again with video newbies. Your job is not over when you hit publish, there are a few key things you still need to do before you can sit back and watch the applications roll in.

We’ve got your back! Our Customer Success team has put together this simple guide to help you tick off all the steps to promote your job opportunity to the widest possible audience. 

Optimize your video title

Provide a detailed and accurate title, experiment with keywords such as job title, seniority, location and salary.

Optimize your video description

Add a full description for each of your videos, focus on your employer value proposition, along with information about compensation, responsibilities and growth opportunities. Add any hashtags that are directly relevant to the role, your employer brand or your industry.

Create a call to action 

While your video is processing you will be prompted to ‘add a link/url’ this is your call to action (CTA), usually the webpage you want your audience to visit after watching your video.

Download your video thumbnail

You can download your video thumbnail (cover image) from the dashboard, use the thumbnail in presentations, social posts or anywhere video is not supported.

Publish your video job advert

Seems kind of obvious, but once your draft video is approved, don’t forget to go back and publish your video. Make sure you set the video to ‘public’ if you want to reach the widest audience.

Note: You can go back at any time and edit your title, thumbnail image, description, privacy settings or call to action in both the app and dashboard.

Add your video to your email signature

Use the Chrome Extension to add a thumbnail and link to the video to email signatures (hiring manager, team, recruiter)

Send an email blast

Use the Chrome Extension or in-app Email Campaign function to distribute the video to colleagues, stakeholders and talent pools.

Promote your video

Share your video to connected social channels via the app or download and share your video natively on LinkedIn. Don’t just share to your official company pages, ask employees to share and tag interested candidates on their own accounts too.

Embed your video

Use the Chrome Extension to embed links and easily add your videos to your website, career pages, blogs and job postings.

Boost your video with paid social ads

Consider expanding your each with paid keyword advertising on YouTube or Facebook. Boosting is very cost-effective tool for promoting videos, you can set your budget, campaign duration and keywords in the app or via the dashboard.

We strongly recommend that you record some of your text job ad metrics before you start sharing video job ads so that you have something to benchmark your results against. If you're new to this, there’s a great webinar from the folks at PhenomPeople and Rally Recruitment Marketing on learning to demonstrate ROI, it’s definitely worth a listen.  

And there you have it, follow our guide to promoting your video job ads for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals and you’ll be sharing your videos like a boss in no time. 

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