March 05, 2020

To help you create engaging and authentic video job ads we've refreshed our popular three-part ‘How to Create Video Jobs Ads’ series! Today we'll investigate how to write and structure your content, but stay tuned for the updated companion guides which cover best practice for filming and technical set up and practical strategies for authentic video job ad presenting.



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How to structure your video job ad content

One of the major benefits of using video to enhance your job posts and promote opportunities, is that you can really engage jobseekers - it's more personal and it’s a great way to share real insights about the role, the team and the company. 

Video is a compelling way to communicate, and our tips can help you structure what to say to make sure you get all the facts across whilst keeping your audience engaged.

This recipe can be used as a guide for all kinds of workplace videos!

1: Your video introduction, the 'hook'

  • Start your video with a 10 second 'hook', that's about 25 words (or less!) Grab your viewers attention!
  • Remember, we live in a fast scrolling world, so getting to the point respects your viewer’s time, and builds trust.
  • Take advantage of the app's 'intro strap' with your name and title. It’s on screen - so you don’t need to waste valuable seconds introducing yourself. 
  • Lead with purpose. What is it about this role that makes people want to come to work everyday; talk about the challenge, the team, the ‘golden nugget’.

Remember, video is a visual medium so you need to learn to show, not tell. Think about your script in advance, are there opportunities to illustrate your points with images and 'b-roll' video overlays? This will help you to cut down your script because the pictures will do the talking for you!


2. Your video content and your 'What's in it for me?

It's imperative that you answer 'what's in it for me?' (WIIFM) for your candidate Think about the elements of the role that you need to highlight to connect with your talent persona’s motivations.

Use these headings as a guide to structure the main part of your video job ad. We recommend focusing on two or three topics to build your WIIFM - you won't have time to cover them all. 

Company insights for candidates
  • Provide information and insight into the company and its values, so job seekers can assess if they are a good fit. Don't forget to include the basics like sector, company size and office location
  • Share something about the hiring manager or team, or consider doing a video with them!
  • Talk about what makes the company unique and share some insights about the culture of your workplace
Key candidate attributes
  • Outline the key attributes you are looking for in a candidate; soft skills, experience and competencies 
  • Video gives you the opportunity to share even more insights with regard to soft attributes and culture fit
The opportunity
  • Outline progression and development opportunities; what will they learn, how the role contributes to business goals and what future career prospects might be
  • Share as much as you can about how the jobseeker will contribute to the success of the team and organisation
Remuneration and hiring process
  • Share the salary or contract rate and insights into the hiring process
  • How many interview stages there will be and the number of people involved in panel interviews?
  • Dates or timeframe for decisions about the role

3. Wrap it up, and don’t forget your call to action

Close your video by clarifying what the next steps are, more precisely, what is your call to action (CTA)?  Do you want the viewer to call you, email or click on a link to a job posting? Make sure you add a url, with a tracking code, so that the viewer can click to apply or to learn more about the role. 

You can refer to your contact details which appear in the 'outro strap' for those who have questions. Inform job seekers that you welcome their resume, a phone call or an email to discuss the opportunity further. 

You can even ask viewers to share your video if they know somebody who might be interested in the role. End with a friendly gesture such as ‘Thanks for watching’ and don’t forget to smile!

Top tips for great video job ad content:

  • Keep it succinct! Interested candidates have the option to select the 'apply now' link or to reach out to you if they want to learn more
  • Practice with the teleprompter in the app to ensure easy and natural delivery
  • Avoid making a video that only talks about what you need the candidate to do for you. Don’t forget to highlight how your company will contribute to the candidate’s professional development. 
  • The beauty of video is that you can make it far more personal than a traditional written ad so remember to be yourself. Keeping content 'conversational' will help you stay authentic!
  • Do not copy and paste a text job ad. We don't speak the same as we write, a copy and paste script feels unnatural and inauthentic to deliver. Think of how you would discuss this opportunity with a real person, then write that down!
  • The person in your video should be the same person that candidates meet at interview. Avoid layering on a 'business' or 'professional' persona - you already are a professional! Audiences can see that. No acting required!

The information you include is key to attracting the right talent. The length of your video will depend on where your video will be shared; create short (60-90 sec) video job ads for social media, save in-depth hiring manager interviews for the job post on your career’s site. 

Our next post in this series is all about your technical video set up – lighting, camera and your smartphone! 

Thanks for reading and have fun writing and filming your own video job ads!

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