April 02, 2019

Did you start the year off strong, committing yourself to creating one video per week? But now you find yourself in a video rut and you’re not sure how to get out!?

Every January I have a giggle when my local gym is so packed-out you can barely move, and then come February, it’s dead again! It doesn’t take long for the shine of a new year’s resolution to fade… for bed to feel extra cozy when the alarm goes off or for that weekly direct debit to lose its significance.

Finding the motivation to film videos at work is not unlike a new year’s resolution, and I want to help you keep yours—because I know that a six-pack of video muscles is the key to better connections, more efficient processes and communications that get results!

Let’s break it down into some simple steps to help you get out of your beginner's video rut.

Step 1: Face down your fears

Video is an activity that can make us feel quite vulnerable; few people love seeing or listening to themselves on camera. It’s super-important to acknowledge the judgy voice that undermines you and stops you from getting on camera. Once you’ve acknowledged the voice, you can address it and work on strategies to overcome it.

Here’s our video tip about working with your inner critic 👇🏽  

Step 2: Just do you

I get that you are dedicated to making the best video content ever, but don’t fixate on perfection!

Creating great videos is important, but the most important thing is building a relationship with your audience and the shortest route to relationships is authenticity!

Here’s our video tip on how to be natural and more YOU on video 👇🏽

Step 3: Get inspired

Find some people on your favourite social media platform who inspire you and don’t be afraid to emulate a video that strikes a chord with you, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

 Here’s a few video storytellers that inspire us:

Step 4: Develop your video routine

If you want to make video for business one of your superpowers, you’re going to need to practice. Use activities and set goals to help build those video skills, habits and momentum!

Get the whole team in on your resolution, these activities can be done in your monthly team meetings, team building days or built into professional development sessions.

Our top tips on video activities that will encourage you to practice your skills 👇🏽 

Step 5: Measure your progress

One thing we always recommend to our customers when they first start creating videos is the importance of benchmarking your pre-video metrics. This way you can track the success of your videos.

The most common metrics our customers are tracking are traffic (volume), engagement, efficiency and quality.

Whether it’s video job ads you’ve started creating, an onboarding video or if you’re using video internally to communicate with your team—measuring your progress is the best way to measure your success.

Once you start to see the success of your videos through engagement, social shares and applications—I promise it will encourage you to keep filming!

Don’t be discouraged by the occasional slip or failed attempt. Embrace and learn from your mistakes and keep going. Sometimes bloopers make the best kind of videos, promise! In the spirit of sharing, here's our blooper reel (it's long, we make a lot of bloopers 🤣)

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