Video Marketing for Talent Teams

How to Create a Great Employee Onboarding Process (with Examples)

Just eight weeks ago, a global pandemic was the stuff of nightmares and Netflix. Today, it’s our daily reality and it’s fair to say that the pandemic response has well and truly disrupted the business of ‘work.’

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How to Improve Candidate Experience with Video

Now more than ever, candidates are demanding transparency from employers. They want insights, better communication and realistic job role and company culture expectations. So why aren’t we giving it to them?

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The Importance of Storytelling in Recruiting

In times of crisis, how your company chooses to show up for its employees, customers and partners speaks volumes about your culture — more than that dusty set of values next to the photocopier ever will.

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How to Increase the Reach of Employer Brand, EVP and Employee Story Videos

Congratulations! You’ve storyboarded, filmed and edited your first in-house video … now what? Video planning and production is the first step to getting authentic and engaging culture content in front of your ideal candidate. The next step may feel a little daunting, but it’s essential for making sure your video gets found.

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The #1 Priority for Talent Acquisition Leaders in 2020 is …

What’s keeping the world's most senior leaders in talent up at night? As part of our inaugural State of Video in Talent survey we asked the executives tasked with leading talent acquisition and attraction teams to share their challenges, and their plans for addressing those challenges in 2020.

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Employer Branding in 2020: Ask the Experts

How will Employer Branding evolve in 2020?

It feels like the last few years have been a love parade of glittering tech floats, so many amazing shiny tools to choose from; chatbots, programmatic ads, video, augmented writing … what could possibly be next?

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Employer Branding Video Ideas for the Holiday Season

With so much chit-chat around the importance of developing a strong employer brand for 2020, we fear that some of you are suffering from analysis paralysis.

Fixating on strategy can cause you to get caught up in perfection, overlooking the value of authenticity and spontaneity.  

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How to Build a Business Case for Your Employer Brand & EVP Project

As an HR and Talent Acquisition leader do you struggle to get buy-in from business leaders to invest in your employer brand? 

If you’re like most of your industry peers, you already know you need a compelling and differentiated employee value proposition (EVP). You understand that you need to start investing in employer branding activities to attract, engage and retain talent. This is not new news.

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