Video Marketing for Talent Teams

How Platinum People Group are Building Brand Recognition with Video

Roland Youakim tells us how he has successfully built a video marketing strategy to launch his young recruiting agency Platinum People Group, who took out the Young Leaders in Finance award for ‘Recruiter of the Year’ in 2018. It’s amazing recognition for such a new business and validates Roland’s holistic and innovative approach to networking, leadership and giving back to the community.  

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How Davidson Recruitment are Innovating with Video

Davidson pride themselves on assisting companies to prepare for the workforce of the future, this strategy informs their own business operations where they value continuous improvement and innovation. Which led them to investigate VideoMyJob in 2016.

Early adopter Cameron Norton, Principal Consultant at Davidson shares his experience of introducing video job advertising to his recruitment firm and discusses the challenges of implementation, the benefits of video marketing and the success Davidson has seen in the past year.

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Video Is Waiting To Eat Your Job Posting

There are 11 million job postings on LinkedIn. The average job posting is around 700 words, so seven billion seven hundred million words are deployed, right now, to garner attention and engagement from an audience who are usually already employed. That’s a great deal of effort and a lot of noise.

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Siemens: The Challenge of Human Connection at Scale

For Siemens, recruitment marketing is all about leveraging the Employer Brand to deliver specific recruiting outcomes.

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How Australia Post are Personalising the Candidate Experience

Employer Branding Manager Quila Israelson talks to VideoMyJob about delighting candidates with video and her experience of introducing new technology to the team at Australia Post.
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How people2people Successfully Implemented a Video Marketing Strategy

We recently interviewed Managing Director Erin Devlin of people2people about her experience and observations introducing video job advertising at her recruitment agency.

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